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Favorite films directed by Brian De Palma

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4 hours ago, LornaHansonForbes said:

He avoids the ingenues flouncing through the office, HE IS IN THE PARK ALONE AT AN EARLY MORNING HOUR, and (as I recall) he and NANCY ALLEN have a completely asexual relationship all-around, there isn't even a whiff of attraction, he even has to feign interest in her at times to get her to go along with him.

I don't know. Is being asexual the same as being homosexual?

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26 minutes ago, 37kitties said:

I don't know. Is being asexual the same as being homosexual?

no, not at all, but I could absolutely see the character as asexual as well- in fact, you could maybe build a stronger case for the character being asexual than gay now that i think of it!

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On 7/12/2021 at 7:01 PM, kingrat said:

Nope, I try to avoid horror or gory stuff. Thanks for posting his filmography. I've also seen Mission:Impossible, also in the fairly good category.

I'm with you there.  Don't do horror at all, unless it's some 30's-era thing and bloody stuff like Carie holds no appeal, either.  The Untouchables is one of his favs, despite the Potemkin ripoff.  I figured that the number of people who had actually ever seen that movie was so low that it didn't matter.  And, it worked for the film.  It was not just a gratuitous remake.  But I can see how people who find it so...

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On 7/14/2021 at 6:51 PM, 37kitties said:

My favorite De Palma movie (and I think his best) is Carlito's Way.

Not his best but one I had a real hoot watching is Body Double. I recommended it to a buddy and he loved it.

Carrie was quite gripping - standout performance by Piper Laurie, and Sissy is pretty darn good in it as well. Saw it in the theatre and enjoyed it. Not a Travolta fan, though.

Casualties of War is a good one. Haunting music.

I have a problem with The Untouchables. While loving Connery in it, I can't say the same for Costner, who I think is as unconvincing as anyone could be in his role. Costner ruins the film for me.

CARLITO'S WAY is my personal favorite film of De Palma's as well. Al Pacino and Sean Penn worked really well together.  Haven't seen BODY DOUBLE.

CARRIE benefits from a sympathetic performance from Sissy Spacek as the title character and Piper Laurie is brilliant as well as her religious freak of a mother. Also helps that you root for the bad kids who were mercilessly tormenting Carrie to get theirs as well.

CASUALTIES OF WAR is a well-made film but not a movie I want to watch very often.

THE UNTOUCHABLES is watchable but only for Sean Connery. Not a Kevin Costner fan at all, never have been.

Also liked DRESSED TO KILL, even if it did borrow a couple of elements from Hitchcock's PSYCHO.

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