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Between Heaven and Hell (1956)


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a cut-rate The Naked and the Dead if you ask me. Robert Wagner plays sam francis Gifford a rich southern landowner who winds up a fighting man in the south pacific. watching it last nite on movies it seemed to be a bit overlong. I thought it would never end. I doan know if this is exactly the way it was.:D being in the national Guard Gifford starts out a sergeant. another irritating thing is the flashback sheet that doesn't imo help war movies. these guys are in a war zone and shouldn't hafta put up with nutso officers like waco Grimes played by a bully-ish Broderick Crawford. he winds up at this lunatic's jungle outpost because of an incident shown in flashback. Gifford and his entourage including a Frank McHugh-ish Harvey Lembeck are outside a bombed out building when a piece of corrogated roof falls down and their nervous lieutenant with his hands on a jeep-mounted machine gun lets loose on his own men killing them including Lembeck. Gifford disgusted walks over to the jeep and punches the coward out so for this he is demoted and sent to waco's outpost. simply put waco is nuts. you can't address him by normal protocol because he thinks japanese snipers got ears even in the walls so he doan want them to know he's an officer because he is scared sheetless of snipers. turns out he was right because after berating Gifford and the others he climbs into his jeep vowing to return (after being relieved). he threatens later to get rid of all the useless people (every guy under him) :lol:before he can drive off a sniper puts a hole in his head right through his helmet. I just think that sending Gifford to some crazy's outpost after punching out an american officer who machine guns american soldiers is a bit much. no wonder Gifford gets the shakes.


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