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Monahseetah (1927 - 1986)


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3 hours ago, sewhite2000 said:

Since you quote a different name and a death date for the title of this thread, I must confess to confusion.

The Namesake of the title comes from a Character that Madam Cabot portayed in one, Tomahawk.


    As for the date (1986). She sadly passed on in that year (tragically and horrifically from suicide); Unfortunately by the time i got around to posting a tribute to Madam Cabot, it was practically July 10th at that point

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1 hour ago, sewhite2000 said:

Oh, so you are making note of the calendar day of death, not necessarily that someone died within the past 24 hours.. I get it. 

Well, Perhaps this is a glass half empty glass halfway full kinda thing: but If (and when) i can, im more making note of when a Respective Performer/Artists Birthday Occurs.. (regardless of if Given Artist is Still with Us Today. Or Simply with Us in Spirit)


    And Tell me. if that wasnt at all the point You were getting at.


In Theory.. id Like to "send" birthday cards for pretty much any and all (past and present) Performers.



     Sometimes though. I just plain Suck (Apologies) At That Aforementioned Endeavour.

I Completely Blitzed "at" Dorothy MaGuires Birthday (June 22. If my weird memory serves.) And i Completely Zoned Out, and Apparently Took a unintentional mental sabbatical "on" July 4th as well. (Gina Lollibrigida is also born that day, Still with Us Today at an Exquisite and Incredible Ninety Four; ironically the exact same year as Susan Cabot). 


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This is a tragic, yet fascinating story.  Here’s an article from the LA Times that is quite good.  I remember reading, years ago, that actor Rose MCGowan had hoped bring the story  to the screen, portraying Susan Cabot herself.  It never came to fruition, that I am aware of. 


I hope I’ve done this link correctly.

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It turned out OK.  What grabbed me was her son's lame idiot claim the culprit was a "Latino burglar wearing a ninja mask"  :D .  Unless said burglar was chattering in Spanish, how would he really know the man was Latino?  

Kinda strikes me as the Susan Harris"A black man did it." defense. :rolleyes:


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