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Gen Z and millennials are terrible tippers


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Gen Z and millennials are terrible tippers

Gen Z (ages 18-24) and millennials (ages 25-40) are the worst tippers of all age demographics, according to a new study published by CreditCards.com. The study found that “Zoomers” and millennials are the least likely to always tip for services compared to older generations.

“I think it's especially relevant now as we continue to dig out of COVID,” Ted Rossman, senior industry analyst at CreditCards.com, told Yahoo Finance. “Because the service industry workers that we're talking about, I mean, these were largely the sectors that just got crushed over the past year.”

Just 56% of Zoomers and 58% of millennials said they always tip servers at sit-down restaurants, compared to 80% of Gen Xers and 88% of baby boomers. Additionally, 40% of Zoomers and 44% of millennials said they always tip food delivery people, compared to 65% of Gen X’ers and 75% of boomers.

The data followed a similar trend throughout the generations for various other services including hair stylists/barbers, taxi/rideshare drivers, hotel housekeepers, coffee shop baristas, and takeout food workers. The study, conducted by YouGov plc (YOU.L), surveyed a total of 2,573 adults.


Young socialists that have been brainwashed by democrats don't tip, it's easy enough to understand. They expect employers to pay for everything, like somehow they just make money regardless of expenses.

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Well, I've got a tip for you, MM. Stop seeing everything, no matter how trivial, through a political prism by which you find an excuse to blame Democrats. Quite frankly, it makes you look ridiculous and no one, once they're familiar with your modus operandi, can take you seriously.

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