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Searching for a 70's Movie Title - Black Soldier Returning from Vietnam


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I'm a Veteran and big TCM fan.  I'm looking for a little help.  A couple years ago on TCM, during Memorial Day or Veterans Day programming, a movie came on about  a Black Soldier's struggle as he returned home from the Vietnam War.  I can't say I know the actors or director.  I was only able to watch about 10 minutes of it and I've never been able to find the title of the movie.  Maybe someone can help me, here are the basic facts.  

  • It seemed to be a low budget, Independent type of film with a cast that was not well known
  • It seemed to be a film made in the early to mid 70's
  • Main character was a black soldier, struggling to fit into society in many ways after returning from Vietnam
  • The movie seemed to be playing out in NYC or some other very large city
  • There was a scene in which the soldier was having a difficult conversation with a woman he was dating in the hallway of an apartment building.  Her young son came out to see what the discussion was about and somewhat entered the discussion.  It was revealed at that point the Father/Husband was also a solider in Vietnam, but he was killed in Vietnam.  This realization had quite an impact on the main character.

Does this ring a bell for anyone or does someone have a suggestion on how I might search for this movie?  At this point, I have not made a connection just searching the internet.


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