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Alaskan Jacoby Redux, a TASTE of Aussie Medicine; and Katie L. In the Drivers Seat


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       REALLY .? .???? ..

Imean.. .... Cahhhmm, - AHHHNN,.

     Is THAT the BEST, "You" Can Do There?  Terminator TitMouse ? .???




And* .. *🤔🤔🤔🤔*.

     Wheres Your Pulsing, Grinding, Shimmying, Thrusting, (**** ?) coach .? .???? .. ....








"YOU" Know,.


    The **** (and i mean human, here); the **** who resembled a sumo wrestler who needs to use the lavatory?

          Or Otherwise LITERALLY (at least from a visual perspective on things); "LITERALLY" had ants in his oversized Pants .. (?), ...

















If.. ... i was Katie.      I Wouldnt be Directing ANY Laughter at that reporter


      While SURE.     Its the Olympics for Crying Out Loud.       Celebrate.. ... Like Theres NoTomorrow if Applicable.           But.. Perhaps Tempre (that) Celebration just a LITTLE Bit with (Tactful) Class and Finesse.

Whaddyah SAY(?); TitMouse + Coach of TitMouse ...,? ..


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