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I'm sorry but I just NEED to talk about DARK SHADOWS


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Angelique Collins | Dark shadows tv show, Shadow, House of dark shadows/

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So what we have here is essentially a hostage negotiation, with Barnabas asking Angelique to spare Josette. He promises that he won’t try to turn Josette into a vampire, if she’ll lay off the cliff-diving lessons. It goes spectacularly badly.

Angelique:  What are you planning now?

Barnabas:  I only want to save Josette’s life.

Angelique:  You really love her, don’t you?

Barnabas:  Too much to have her join me in that way.

Angelique:  I believe you. How often I’ve wanted to hear you say that one word, Love… and mean me.

Barnabas:  Angelique — if you have any feeling for me at all, other than hate — do this one thing for me.

 Angelique:  And if I agree?

And then he just looks at her, like a chump, because he has nothing to offer. He comes up with “I will be grateful,” which is not the correct answer.

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