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"Foundation" (2021)


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Issac Asimov's 70 year old novel now made into a movie.  Too bad it's confined to Apple. 

Timeline (from the book).. Hari Seldon born in the 11,988th year of the Galactic Era. died 12,069.

Something a little different from Star Wars / Star Trek.




Foundation series





Issac Asimov....What an imagination


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These adaptations are almost never any good, let alone as good as the source material.  Started to watch the adaptation of "Childhood's End", but after only a couple of minutes it became clear it was made as a rehash of Close Encounters (1977).  I dread what would be made of "The Stars My Destination. "

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Sci-Fi Channel--back when it was correctly spelled and actually had a channel theme--did some fairly good geek-scifi miniseries adaptations of "Children of Dune" and "Riverworld" on a late-90's-CGI budget, with some actual serious gravitas we don't normally associate with the channel today.

I only read the first Foundation book in college, so I don't know how obnoxiously Asimov tried to shove his streetcorner-pamphlet "Society will go to heck in a handbasket if we let normal stupid people to themselves" atheism into the entire series (one or two scenes stand out), but otherwise, this looks like a made-for-streaming attempt to ape the standard Mindbending Shock -&-Awe that's passed for theatrical scifi in the 21st cty.

The early teasers kept showing scenes of cloned fetuses, so I'm wondering whether the new plan is to recycle clones of Hari Seldon throughout history, rather than consult his AI-holographic simulation.

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