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The Progressive Insurance "Don't Be Your Parents" Commercials


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Does anyone besides me find these offensive? I know they're supposed to be funny, but I'm not a fan.  Plus the guy who's in them looks like a jerk to me. I like paper tickets, I sometimes print out directions and I want the waiter to know my name in case I get him or her again. I get that the millennials know everything now, but I find some of them to be  total --holes. They walk around with their faces stuck in their phones and show no respect to anyone.  I taught my kids from birth to show up on time,  show respect to everyone and do what you say you're going to do.  Anyone who does that today will be very successful in life because a lot of people today have no idea what being competent means. Now! GET OFF MY LAWN.

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I think those ads are kinda dumb, but I'm not offended by them.  And besides....

Why pick on PROGRESSIVE?   It has nothing to do with any political ideology, it's just an insurance company.  And the only one with an honest name!

I had their insurance for a while, and realized their "honesty" came in the form of their name, which was through the fact that their rates were PROGRESSIVE in the frequency in which they'd rise.  ;) 


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