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m completely lost with the name of a movie. It appears to be from late '50-60s. Is full color, not remastered.  I do not know the stars.  The plot from where I can recall is that a couple is trying to escape the police. They are on a "special" bus where others are also looking to escape from East to West Germany.  The regular bus is following close behind.  The couple are freed from the bus and are trying to find a Post Office where an employee can help them, but they don;t know where the Post Office is and they don't speak German.  An older woman looking to also escape, is looking for a "sponsor". The couple agree to "sponsor", but something goes awry. The couple escape, but the older woman looses her chance to go with them.  That's all I can remember, just that one segment, THANK 🙏YOU

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2 minutes ago, slaytonf said:

Perhaps Torn Curtain (1966), with Julie Andrews and Paul Newman:


YOU are 100% correct.  I somehow tripped over the answer in WIKIPEDIA.  There the whole plot and story are provided.  I remember the other parts...begining and end of the movies, but hadn't associated them as being the same movie. What tied it all together was the description of the decoy bus, the older woman, and the post office. THANK YOU !

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