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I never knew Charles Foster Kane had such a serious leg condition

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CFK, never a modest type, thought he bestrode the world like a colossus, thus his wide spread legs,

when he was really just a rich dope who owned lots of yellow press papers (and later radio stations).

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Well, in the original photo he isn't standing directly parallel to the camera plane (the right side of his body is closer to us than his left).  For whatever reason, the poster designers apparently wanted a very symmetrical image, with Kane seeming to face the viewer directly, so his left leg (which had been mostly in darkness in the original photo) appears to have been rather awkwardly reverse-engineered in the poster to "match" the right leg--ignoring the fact that he's standing with his legs even further apart in the photo, and with his feet pointed outward rather than inward.

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19 hours ago, NipkowDisc said:

why does the tcm big screen classics banner for Citizen Kane have his legs contorted? what is that? a stiffening of the knees?



So Nip. Maybe this explains why Orson gained all that weight later on.

Yeah, ya see, maybe because of those bad knees he had there, he wasn't able to exercise and keep himself in better shape when he got older, and so just started sittin' around on his fat butt, eatin' and drinkin' wine.

(...hey, just a guess here, dude)  ;)


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