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Slo-Mo Whiplash - Ben's New Intro


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On 9/4/2021 at 9:33 AM, brianNH said:

Imagine this is your favorite restaurant.  You've been going there for 20 years: you love the atmosphere and ambience, you know the waiters and the chef, and you simply love the food.  Your favorite meals are always prepared consistently well.  

Then you walk in one day and the whole place is made over: bright lights, loud noises, and a new menu with strangely moving graphics and print.  Then Ben, your maitre d' comes over and tells you, "Don't worry, the food's still the same."  And you wouldn't be a little apprehensive?  

All I can say is, "You guys better deliver, big-time!"  And maybe that's the point.  I wonder how TOM is going to evaluate the success of this new style.  What criteria, I wonder, have they established to determine the effectiveness of all this.  The reaction so far from these boards is very mixed -- with quite a few people very uneasy about it.  I also wonder if there is anyone in corporate that at some time can say, "We blew it with this one.  How can we fix this?"  Unless, of course, the money comes pouring in, and everyone will be happy.

I completely agree, but where else are you going to eat. TCM is the only restaurant in town.

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3 hours ago, mark60480 said:

I completely agree. Please, please, PLEASE stop moving the background. It's very annoying and utterly distracting.

Unfortunately, I think that’s sort of the whole point.  The implication is that the audience won’t pay attention to what is being presented unless there is something changing visually in the scene.  (That doesn’t give us much credit, does it?)

In the early days they would do something similar by having Robert or Ben take a small walk at the beginning of the intro before they would settle in.  Even in Robert’s very first intro they had him come down the staircase and walk over to a desk while he was discussing Gone With the Wind. You can see that for introduction #1 the camera almost never stops moving or zooming etc. throughout.

But at least in the first introduction they had some real camera movement in the set.  Now it appears to be on a track and is just mindlessly moving back and forth, and at a fairly rapid rate.

I noticed that for the latest Noir Alley, they were not (yet) moving the camera on a track for Eddie’s introduction (knock on wood).  Instead they are still occasionally changing the position of the camera in the set and panning and zooming in and out to change things up.  In Eddie’s case, they can move the camera while showing the posters, photos, or clips from the movie (using an edit point).  In the case for some of the other hosts today the intros can go by very quickly with no additional materials being presented, so there is no opportunity to change things short of using a 2nd camera to switch to a different perspective.  So the current system is almost a creatively easy, automated way to change the scene visually.

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