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Does streaming mean the death of movie theaters?


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15 hours ago, sewhite2000 said:

No one has ever called me 2000 before. Dargo would occasionally call me sewhite, which is a variaion on my real name and felt more welcoming than this dehumanization of my self-identity. But you pick a weird online name for yourself, you get what you get, I guess.

Actually, When registering for this forum I attempted to use the same handle I use in several other forums, but was informed that name was already in use.  But since being here, I've yet to notice ANYONE in this forum with that particular name.  But too,  when signing up I noticed several other members using "handles" that had some connection to movies and/or movie making, and since a highly favored by me movie started in sepia tone before changing to color(THE WIZARD OF OZ of course)  I used that(Thus, SEPIATONE)  :) 

I have no knowledge of your real name, and used the "2000" of your forum username  as someone might call  a guy named Thomas "Tom".  It was in no way any attempt to "dehumanize" you.  Let's not get all FaceBook here now. :rolleyes:

Sepiatone (who is sometimes referred to as "Sepia"  or just "Sep" and doesn't mind.  ;) )

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Well, now that I think about it, I haven't been in a theatre in almost two years. Of course I'm old and as the song says "don't get around much anymore". Once we beat COVID (if we ever do) I feel sure I'll go on occasion. However, it's nice to stay home and see current films on the streaming services.

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