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Rare Color Paramount Short aired tonight! - Champagne for Two (1947) - George Reeves


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Anyone else catch this rarely seen Paramount short tonight.  Fans of George Reeves will be sorry they missed it. Programmed as part of TCM’s Hispanic Heritage Screenings.

Nightclub boss Malone puts off his wedding anniversary trip because an old woman claims to have overheard plans to rob the nightclub. But the old woman, Mrs. Cowdy (Ida Moore), has a scheme of her own.

Latin themed musical acts appear as part of the nightclub entertainment. Lita Baron plays Reeves' wife and singer. Also seen, The Guadalajara Trio.

Second title in Paramount's Musical Parade Featurette Series #4 (1946-1947).

Based on a true story that appeared in Billy Rose's newspaper column.

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6 hours ago, yanceycravat said:

Anyone else catch this rarely seen Paramount short tonight.

I saw it and enjoyed it.

Yesterday seemed to be packed with shorts with Joe McDoakes, too. I think I noticed 4 or 5 of them (all un-announced, tragically). What was that about? It wasn't his birthday. Not knocking them, though; they're generally fun to watch.

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10 hours ago, Twokeets said:

I saw it and enjoyed it. I especially liked the musical number by the girl named Lita. She had a great voice, and it was fun to watch her.

Lita Baron was Mrs. Rory Calhoun from 1948 to 1970.


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Paramount owns these shorts by virtue of their purchase of Republic/NTA.  Paramount had sold off most of their shorts to UM&M TV back in the 50's. Unless CHAMPAGNE FOR TWO somehow fell into public domain, hopefully this means Paramount is actually digging into its library to exploit more esoteric material. They are, after all, licensing Republic features to Olive. We'll see.

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