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What movie would you live in?

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6 hours ago, LuckyDan said:

Those are the stand-out frames, yeah. 

First, thank you, LuckyDan, for mentioning The Seven Minutes, which I just watched on YouTube (a gorgeous presentation) and really dug!

I read that Russ Meyer himself regarded The Seven Minutes as "boring and tedious." Compared to the "skin flicks" that are his legacy, perhaps. But taken on its own merits, I respectfully disagree with Meyer. I found his adaptation of Irving Wallace's best-seller-"potboiler" immensely entertaining and extremely thought-provoking.

Talky courtroom scenes can be the "kiss of death" in a movie, inducing ennui in the viewer, causing him/her to tune out, drop out, and turn off. Meyer's trademark dynamic, rapid-fire editing and potent scene blocking (with an arguably overused emphasis on extreme close-ups), however -- for me -- ensured there was never a dull moment in the courtroom. Thrillingly compelling was the vignette in which defense attorney Mike Barrett (Clint Eastwood's twin Wayne Maunder) grills a prudish "average housewife" (appropriately named "Mrs. White") about "obscene" language in the scandalous titular "bodice ripper." The contentious courtroom debates about censorship, pornography, and the first amendment scripted by Wallace, Manny Diez, and Richard Warren Lewis remain timely, timeless, eternally relevant.

For me, the most delightful attraction of Meyer's "rare commercial failure" was the powerhouse cast, which includes durable character actors Stanley Adams, Lyle Bettger, David Brian, always reliable John Carradine, Philip Carey, Alex D'Arcy, Yvonne De Carlo, Charles Drake, Jay C. Flippen (wheelchair-bound, minus one leg, and in his final Big Screen role),  a memorably fruity Berry Kroeger, Ron Randell, Olan Soule, and Harold J. Stone.  Barely seen in her cinematic swan song: Edith Evanson. Natty in his second Silver Screen appearance: Tom Selleck. Making his motion-picture debut: Robert Weston Smith AKA "Wolfman Jack." Further enhancing the production are Meyer's regulars Uschi Digard (somewhere -- I amazingly missed her appearance!) Charles Napier, Stuart Lancaster, Henry Rowland (as, always, Martin Boormann), and the inveterately "decorous" and "demure" Edy Williams.

Would I want to live in The Seven Minutes? In a New York minute!

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On 9/17/2021 at 11:31 AM, Toto said:

The movie(s) I would want to live in would be a Frank Capra movie.  There were so many nice, caring people with a positive outlook in his movies.  My personal favorite Capra film is "You Can't Take It With You" (1938).  I love the whole idea of not caring or trying to live like rich snobs and doing whatever your creative spirit inspires you to do.


*  When I was a kid, I always wanted to see "the land of Oz" from "The Wizard of Oz", however the wicked witch and her flying monkeys are too scary.

THIS!!!  I was just going to post that I've always wanted to live in the "You Can't Take it with You" movie.  Growing up, I've always wanted my house like that.  Now, I do!  :D  I still work of course, (it's a good thing I really like my job), but my house is designed to be a fun house.  I have a craft room, a movie room/library, a foosball table, many musical instruments, tons of games, etc.  I just keep adding to it.  If I ever get married and have kids, this is how I'm going to raise them.  Slow down!  Live life to the fullest!  Have fun everyday!  :D 

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24 minutes ago, Eucalpytus P. Millstone said:

First, thank you, LuckyDan, for mentioning The Seven Minutes, which I just watched on YouTube (a gorgeous presentation) and really dug!

You liked it. Great! What the hell do I know?

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