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NEW BOOk: Universal Studios Monsters: A Legacy of Horror!!!


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*WOW!!! Just found about this "new" book!!*



*Universal Studios Monsters: A Legacy of Horror (Hardcover)*

*by Michael Mallo*



*_Editorial Reviews_*



From Dracula and Frankenstein?s Monster to the Wolf Man and the Invisible Man and beyond, this is the definitive must-have volume for horror buffs.



*_Product Description_*



From the 1920s through the 1950s, Universal Studios was Hollywood?s number one studio for horror pictures, haunting movie theaters worldwide with Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon, among others. Universal Studios Monsters: A Legacy of Horror explores all of these enduring characters, chronicling both the mythology behind the films and offering behind-the-scenes insights into how the films were created. Universal Studios Monsters is the most complete record of the horror films of this legendary studio, with biographies of major personalities who were responsible for the most notable monster melodramas in film history. The stories of these films and their creators are told through interviews with surviving actors and studio employees. A lavish photographic record, including many behind-the-scenes shots, completes the story of how these classics were made. This is a volume no fan of imaginative cinema will want to be without.



*_Product Details_*



Hardcover: 252 pages

Publisher: Universe (September 8, 2009)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0789318962

ISBN-13: 978-0789318961

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Boris Karloff has long since told us of the horrors of putting his makeup on in "Frankenstein". (Karloff thinking to himself - finish up already!!)


Not related to Universal, RKO in which James Arness told the story of wearing the "Jolly Green Giant" makeup all day long during the filming of "The Thing". He got a lift by someone and while on his way to where ever he was going, a lady in a car waiting for the traffic light fainted when she saw him.


To this day she has a fear of eating "Green Giant" food products.

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Don't know if you've noticed but the code to post images in any thread in General Discussions is not working and has not worked since the upgrade yesterday afternoon.


This is the one forum that is having image issues.

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The image code just worked for me.... 14.gif




When I looked this title up on Amazon....fan that I am of the Universal classics...I also saw there was another book written about them only 3 years ago! How many books do we really need just for the Universal classics?


[Monsters: A Celebration of the Classics from Universal Studios (Hardcover)|http://www.amazon.com/Monsters-Celebration-Classics-Universal-Studios/dp/0345486854/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1253844458&sr=1-2]

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CK this might help you. On the forums that has this bug, use only the photos which has the address that starts out with http. DO NOT type the and.


Place an exclamation mark just before the http and AFTER the jpg or gif that is (!http) and (jpg! or gif!)


This is what I have been doing.


Edited by: hamradio on Sep 25, 2009 12:08 PM (didn't phrase it correctly)

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This looks like a real "Monsters For Dummies" book. If you really want some in-depth discussion of the Universal horrors, check out the McFarland book by Tom Weaver and the Brunas brothers. There's a bit too much opining going on but it's still a very thorough and worthwhile read. Though Weaver's abject disdain for Olsen and Johnson calls for a session on Dr. Volland's pendulum slab!

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