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1 hour ago, JakeHolman said:


Fumble what, when they were pulled over?  No probable cause to bring him in for questioning at the time? After watching the video the police summed it up to a boyfriend / girlfriend squabble, neither wanted to press any charges.  Some states do have laws requiring an automatic arrest if visible injuries are seen.

If Wyoming has none (plus can't see any injures) and no one wants to press charges, very little the police can do.  Just because some couple has a spat doesn't mean murder is in the works.


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  • JakeHolman changed the title to Gabby Petito
  • JakeHolman changed the title to GABBY PETITO

Why is this a national news story?      It doesn't make any sense to me.       Just another couple that had a fight that resulted in the death of one of them.

Happens all the time in the USA.   So what is the big deal with this case?

The only thing I found of  interest was that Moab Utah was involved.   Very nice place in the spring and fall.


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I have to agree with some others. By no means do I mean to minimize the murder of a young WHITE girl but why is the media going on about this case so much? If Gabby had been black, for example, would we have heard so much about her murder? If she had been black, Latino or a native American I sure as heck don't think this particular thread would have been created.

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While I can see Fox News and other conservative so call news networks playing up this murder of a young WHITE women since that plays into the narrative that,  under Dem leadership,  crime is out of  control (as well as those-others putting the mostly WHITE viewing audience at risk),    I don't see why CNN is playing this story as an important national news story.

The only reason I can think of for CNN is to distract from what is going on with the Biden admin;  It's been a bad few weeks even as viewed by the pro-Biden talking heads at CNN.


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Yes, the media is suffering from 'missing white woman syndrome'

It’s not wrong to care about Gabby Petito — but it’s wrong to focus on her case exclusively.
".....The data show the popularity of this particular story is likely due to the way American media prioritizes missing people — not the specific details of Petito’s case.....details of Petito’s disappearance have been shared frenetically online since she first reported missing. Some people have suggested the popularity of her story is due to its cinematic qualities, with some comparing it to a “Lifetime movie” and others connecting Petito’s disappearance to their favorite true crime podcasts......
- yeah, they cite Fox,
but CNN, NBC & others ALL qualify
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