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Deja vu 

This article is dated but still relevant.....remember Natalee Halloway a  pretty white girl teen whom got tons of media coverage?




Even made a tv MOVIE about her!  She was THAT important! -_-



Media still covered her after 10 years!!!



An article regarding the same story and guess what...

The Shocking Reason You’ve Probably Never Heard About These 265,000 Missing Americans

Media outlets and law enforcement don’t take their disappearances as seriously because of one common trait.




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Trying to make Gabby Petito into a lucky, privileged white girl just rubs me the wrong way.  For one thing, she's dead.

For another thing, last year 320,000 White People went missing and we never heard a word about them.  Saying the news media gives huge coverage to every missing white person is just false.

Gabby's story caught the public interest because, almost as if Dateline and Hallmark  had dreamed it up together, she had documented her last months in romantic, happy videos of herself and her alleged  killer.  There are clues we can speculate about.  The murderer is known and missing.  There's lots to talk about there.

Finally, Gabby already had 60,000 followers.  When people who have fans  are victims of crimes it's a whole different thing.  When Rhianna's boyfriend hit her it was national news for weeks.  Look at all the women who get hit and it never makes the news.

Sadly, most of the time when people go missing there aren't many clues or pictures, they're just gone and  there's no "story" there. To people outside their family it's just not going to be of interest so the news won't be covering it.

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our law enforcement looks lame with this laundrie scum at large. if I were in charge after determining where this piece of **** is I would release four or five packs of very aggressive killer dobermans and let them find him...and I would take my time getting to the location after the darling poochies start nibbling on him.

Gabby Petito deserves justice.





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