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19 hours ago, NipkowDisc said:

our law enforcement looks lame with this laundrie scum at large. if I were in charge after determining where this piece of **** is I would release four or five packs of very aggressive killer dobermans and let them find him...and I would take my time getting to the location after the darling poochies start nibbling on him.

Gabby Petito deserves justice.





It would appear that barbaric behaviour in the name of "justice" is not limited to the Taliban.

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5 hours ago, NipkowDisc said:

laundrie's scummy parents oughta be charged as accessories to murder.


If they're complicit in helping him to hide, the worst which can be charged is interfering and hindering an investigation.

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The interest in this case is lurid. I'm curious- how many of you knew of this woman before the jackals started feeding off her disappeance? Of all the people who go missing, of all the murder victims, why the insatiable interest in this woman and her boyfriend?

I don't get the impression people who didn't know her, or of her, care anything about Petito. I think the press and especially, certain youtube channels have created a feeding frenzy, ginning up interest in this case, and I think the way this poor girl has had her misfortune splashed all over the place, for the sake of TV ratings and youtube clicks, is as shameful as anything I've seen of late.

And now, I see the vampires coming out, like this hideous freak "Dog" who, apparently, is trying to revive his career. My God. When is enough, enough? I don't watch or listen to Nancy Grace, but I've no doubt that that disgusting vulture is feeding off Petito. Utterly shameful, inexcusable tabloid dreck. My opinion is, people need to stop visiting youtube channels which are capitalizing on this woman's misfortune. Stop reading anything online about the case. Stop watching any news reports about any of it.

"We just want to bring this man to justice." Sure. Sure, yeah, that's why people are behaving this way. Sure, I believe that.  Everyone's intent is pure and all actions are noble.

I haven't read this thread at all. I have made a genuine effort to not let the muckraking press and the non-stop talk about this case enter my brain, but this crap is everywhere I turn, including this forum. People need to stop behaving as if they care about this person they've never met and shall never meet. There's only one reason for the interest, and that's because it's juicy and lurid. People who are honest with themselves should be able to see the things I'm talking about. Perhaps I'll get an earful of righteous indignation from someone here, telling me I don't know what they think and I don't know their motivations. Well, I know more about it than some of you will care to admit. Why? Because I am a member of the human race, and while we are capable of great charity and love towards our fellow man, we also have a dark side, and the circus atmosphere surrounding this whole sad affair is proof of that. Please let this poor girl rest in peace, and those out there who are behaving as if they can piece together clues to find her boyfriend need to cut the crap and dishonesty and efforts at making a profit out of this sad affair, and let the authorities do their job.

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The media and tabloids harms the presumption of innocence until proven guilty because said person has already been found guilty by the media and public opinion.  Nice example was the Fatty Arbuckle trail.  Laundrie is a person of interest, haven't even been officially charged. 


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 11, states: "Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defense."


"Dog" is more concerned about publicity than any justice. (hey this is free advertising).

A new jargon should be coined in such cases as this.."The Natalee Holloway Syndrome".


These families of missing Black people are frustrated with the lack of response to their cases


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