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photo 000lukas-jones-paxinou-coburn-oscar_zps7126101f.jpg

Oscar winners Paul Lukas (Watch on the Rhine), Jennifer Jones (The Song of Bernadette), Katina Paxinou (For Whom the Bell Tolls) and Charles Coburn (The More the Merrier). March, 1944

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What a marvelous movie "The More the Merrier" was ... and is ... I watch it now and then just to get the lift it always gives me. Charles Coburn was never more fun, and the other stars were exactly right. I can't imagine anybody doing the rhunba better than Joel McCrea and Jean Arthur. I was so glad Coburn got the award.

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photo 000jc_zps75bb247f.jpg

JULIE CHRISTIE is 72 today


photo 000bradd_zpsd0f9ae55.jpg



photo 000gloria_zps0f877618.jpg

GLORIA JEAN is 87 today


photo 000rod_zps678948df.jpg

ROD STEIGER (1925 - 2002)


photo 000johnhoward4_zpsc096a496.jpg

JOHN HOWARD (1913 - 1995)


photo 000jgiel_zps3372538e.jpg

JOHN GIELGUD (1904 - 2000)

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My dad, a WWII vet, had a "short snorter," but his didn't have all the bills autographed. Also, he said that the name was a contraction of "shorts in order." That is because the bank notes of various countries were taped together in the order in which he was in those countries. I saw his a couple of times when I was a kid.

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photo 000ccc_zps5332eb94.jpg



photo 000ansara1_zps03f802b7.jpg

MICHAEL ANSARA is 91 today


photo 000harv_zpsb34dd6cc.jpg

HARVEY LEMBECK (1923 - 1982)


photo 000jeanw_zps37b9fcb0.jpg

JEAN WILLES (1923 - 1989)


photo 000conried-hans2_zps6a41625b.jpg

HANS CONRIED (1917 - 1982)


photo 000flob_zpsabc0479d.jpg

FLORENCE BATES (1888 - 1954)

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> {quote:title=dpompper wrote:}{quote}I've never seen a photo of John Gielgud young! Thanks, mongo.


The same for John Howard. And I doubt we ever saw that much of Joel McCrea again.


Today was a great one for beloved character actors. It was the day Lincoln died, the Titanic sunk and tax day so you know there had to be something to shout about. Hollywood came through.

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photo 000edie-adams-2_zpsb8d42d7f.jpg

EDIE ADAMS (1927 - 2008)


photo 000PU_zps1b9216c6.jpg

PETER USTINOV (1921 - 2004)


photo 000billy_zpsf08b579f.jpg



photo 000barry_zpse655e9a1.jpg

BARRY NELSON (1917 - 2007)


photo 000JohnHodiak_zps8c2fba9e.jpg

JOHN HODIAK (1914 - 1955)


photo 000al_zps0df06386.png

ALFONSO BEDOYA (1904 - 1957)


photo 000ch_zpsa4f0a931.jpg

CHARLES CHAPLIN (1889 - 1977)

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photo 000joanl_zps0b86b15e.jpg

JOAN LORRING is 87 today


photo 000lonm_zps554ae00c.jpg

LON McCALLISTER (1923 - 2005)


photo 000billh_zps56717cee.jpg

WILLIAM HOLDEN (1918 - 1981)


photo 000annes_zps6873d092.jpg

ANNE SHIRLEY (1918 - 1993)


photo 000art_zpsa342effc.gif

ARTHUR LAKE (1906 - 1987)


photo 000loujh_zps6e3720aa.jpg

LOUIS JEAN HEYDT (1903 - 1960)

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Well I hope he said sorry for how he treated her!


Hey, very cute picture. Do you know if the same actors were used for the flying monkeys and the munckins? (since their height looks similar).





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