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photo 000hmills_zpscb62f355.jpg

HAYLEY MILLS is 67 today


photo 000bhale_zpsb1a2a9ea.jpg

BARBARA HALE is 91 today


photo 000brien_zps12c55507.jpg

VIRGINIA O'BRIEN (1919 - 2001)


photo 000aub_zpsf7cb0089.jpg

LENORE AUBERT (1918 - 1993)


photo 000Kinsky5a_zps6a1cc0b5.jpg

LEONID KINSKEY (1903 - 1998)


photo 000johnson_zpsef395cdb.jpgphoto 000kong_zps2406436d.jpg

NOBLE JOHNSON (1881 - 1978) Mr. Johnson played the chief in "King Kong"

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photo 000demille-grahame-oscar_zps359574d7.jpg

Katherine DeMille (accepting for husband Anthony Quinn, supporting actor, Viva Zapata!), Cecil B. DeMille (Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award and best picture, The Greatest Show on Earth) and Gloria Grahame (supporting actress, The Bad and the Beautiful) exult. March, 1953

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photo 000elinord_zps27831e66.jpg

ELINOR DONAHUE is 76 today


photo 000ason_zps7ea1d63c.jpg

RHODES REASON is 83 today


photo 000cora_zpsd5a4ea2a.jpg

CORA SUE COLLINS is 86 today


photo 000hughhh_zps3e8ae6a8.jpg

HUGH O'BRIEN is 88 today


photo 000dud_zps6ea77f8a.jpg

DUDLEY MOORE (1935 - 2002)


photo 000jay_zps9ec1e232.jpg

JAYNE MANSFIELD (1933 - 1967)


photo 000geo_zps3b6d47b8.jpg

GEORGE O'BRIEN (1899 - 1985)


photo 000con_zpsf915b4e5.png



photo 000aaamay_zps1db3df54.jpg

MAY ROBSON (1858 - 1942)

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photo 000bobjfk_zps3dcde3bc.jpg

Pals Robert Stack and John F. Kennedy

A new tell-all book alleges that a skinny-dipping session involving Hollywood legend Liz Taylor, John F. Kennedy and the actor Robert Stack escalated into a three-way for the ages.?

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Mongo: Thank you for that updated Barbara Hale photo. You'd know her anywhere. That's one of the sweetest smiles I've ever seen from somebody you've never read a bad thing about.


I'm getting ready to watch *Wyatt Earp* on *Encore Westerns* now which is what Hugh O'Brian will probably always be best remembered for. While it might be historically questionable it is one good and enjoyable piece of TV. Have a nice birthday, Sir.

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I consider to be pretty knowledgable about classic movies, but I have to admit that I do not know much about the classic westerns. I really did not know who George O'Brien was. I don't remember him from She Wore A Yellow Ribbon because I haven't seen it very often. The only reason that I have watched most well known westerns is because I have been told by either the people on this blog (The Searchers, etc.) or because in the past, I have heard that the film was really good ( Red River, Stagecoach, etc.)


So, to all of you western lovers out there, thank you for the education. And to Mongo (Joe), thank you for the time and effort you put into these photos. They are a constant source of education and enjoyment to all of the people who tune in daily for your gift to us.


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>Jane Wyman & Ronald Reagan at the Trocadero. Captain Reagan is attached to the Air Corps, stationed near Hollywood in 1944.


Now why is that after readin' that, my thoughts turned to paraphrasing that classic line the late great George Gobel once told Johnny on "The Tonight Show" about how because he was stationed at an Air Corps base in Wichita during all of WWII, we can personally thank him that no Japanese aircraft ever made it past Tulsa!"


(...but of course in Ronnie's case, I was thinkin' of substituting the town of Tulsa with "Culver City"!!!...okay, or maybe "Inglewood"..which sounds funnier to you?..."Culver City", RIGHT???!!!) ;)

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photo 000jlange_zps4c3e45bb.jpg

JESSICA LANGE is 64 today


photo 000eron_zps37ed4bab.jpg



photo 00oneal_zps61504f84.jpg

RYAN O'NEAL is 72 today


photo 0000elena_zps09b2cba5.gif

ELENA VERDUGO is 87 today


photo 0000foch_zps75a7ef90.jpg

NINA FOCH (1924 - 2008)


photo 0000bruce_zps01cef3d6.jpg

BRUCE CABOT (1904 - 1972)


photo 0000duncan_zpsbbab9971.jpg

DUNCAN RENALDO (1904 - 1980)


photo 0000hal_zpsdcce191d.jpg

HAROLD LLOYD (1893 - 1971)

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I noticed that Rex Downing turned 88 today. He was the child actor that played the young Juan Gallardo during the first half hour of the lavish 1941 remake of Blood and Sand.


That means that as of today Downing is exactly twice the age of poor Ty Power, who played the grown up Gallardo in the same film.

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Wow, Babs was in great shape!





If you can believe her publicity, all she ever ate was steak, three times a day. It seems to have agreed with her. I was amazed at her doing cartwheels in that movie, BTW.

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photo 000jackn_zpsaef6f22f.jpg

JACK NICHOLSON is 76 today


photo 0000damon_zps16bc6d60.jpg

MARK DAMON is 80 today


photo 0000knud_zpsf1392aae.jpg

PEGGY KNUDSEN (1923 - 1980)


photo 0000byrd_zps07eba6b3.jpg

RALPH BYRD (1909 - 1952)


photo 0000albert_zpsc68f49f2.jpg

EDDIE ALBERT (1906 - 2005)


photo 0000brute_zpsa72cf120.jpg

RONDO HATTON (1894 - 1946)

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