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photo 000000ajb_zps9b0fa2b3.jpg

JOAN BLACKMAN is 75 today


photo 00000aadennis_zps9a6f5f61.jpg

DENNIS HOPPER (1936 - 2010)


photo 00000aamoa_zps1440e359.jpg

MAUREEN O'SULLIVAN (1911 - 1998)


photo 000000hm_zps76a3887a.jpg

HORACE McMAHON (1906 - 1971)


photo 000000jg_zpsdca0ea7e.jpg

JEAN GABIN (1904 - 1976)


photo 00000ard_zps746acbff.jpg

RUTH DONNELLY (1896 - 1982)

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Well today's Candids helped me identify someone. I was watching Where The Sidewalk Ends on tough guys night this week. Saw an older actress who played the wise talking head of the cafe Dana Andrews' character favored. I remembered the face, but I just couldn't place the name.


Now I see it was Ruth Donnelly. She was great in the role and fit the noir feel, but so much different then I remember her in those 30s comedies.

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>Wow. When I first saw this last photo, I thought it was Robert Culp!!! Striking resemblance in profile to Gower Champion,





If ya ask me, lavender, I think Gower looks a bit more like Don Murray there than he does Culp.


AND, now that I think about it, I believe Haydn there resembles more an older Richard Harris than he does Trevor Howard.


(...not that anyone HAS asked me here, of course!) ;)


Edited by: Dargo2 on May 17, 2013 11:05 AM

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On *Dallas* after Jim Davis died Howard Keel's "Clayton Farlow" moved up from supporting character to "Miss Ellie's" new husband. Does anybody know why he never sang on the show? There was a mail-order album of his best songs released during that time but we missed hearing the real thing.

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I would say because Dallas was a drama, not a musical. No one ever sang on that show that I can remember. I don't think that would have been well received - people tuned in for what was going to happen next, and Clayton breaking into song was not part of that equation. Another factor is that Howard Keel was not known by the younger generation for his singing. You have to remember that most of his big musical films were done in the fifties. Young adults saw him as an actor not a singer.


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photo 00000aburaaat_zps0ec68595.jpg

On a visit to the "We Were Strangers" company Burt Lancaster regales soundman Lambert Day, director John Huston, John Garfield and associate producer Jules Buck with a story

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photo 000000adm_zps8c45f668.jpg

DIANE McBANE is 72 today


photo 000000adh_zpsa3aee831.jpg

DWAYNE HICKMAN is 79 today


photo 000000amorse_zps7c670dea.jpg

ROBERT MORSE is 82 today


photo 000000ajs_zps7dda9e22.jpg

JOHN SHELTON (1915 - 1972)


photo 000000asg_zpsf2719a93.jpg

SIGRID GURIE (1911 - 1969)


photo 000000ageo_zpsca14e9fe.jpg

GEORGE E. STONE (1903 - 1967)

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Mongo, Jean Harlow looks really sick in this picture. I've seen others taken shortly before she died and they had this same look, with deep shadows under her eyes. Was this one done around that time? I don't mean to be morbid, but I feel so sorry for that girl. She didn't have much fun in her short life, though she had money and fame. She also had an incapable husband who killed himself, she was mad about Bill Powell, who wouldn't marry her, and then she died at 26 of uremia.

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