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With all the barbecuing and racing –YEAH, TONY! - going on yesterday I didn’t realize it was a Western holiday. The Duke, the Marshall and Tonto - all tall in the saddle in more ways than height.


I hope everybody has had a safe holiday and remembered why we have it. I saw yesterday at the NASCAR tribute that a lot of women have given their lives while in uniform this year as well as men, at least one from around my area which made it personal for me. Thank you one and all.

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photo 000000aaacba_zps68410105.jpg

CARROLL BAKER is 82 today


photo 000000aaasfa_zps9efd2995.jpg

SALLY FORREST is 85 today



photo 000000aaamva_zpsab96d010.jpg

MARTHA VICKERS (1925 - 1971)


photo 000000aaajpa_zps901c87cb.jpg

JOHN PAYNE (1912 - 1989)


photo 000000aaajpa_zps901c87cb.jpg

JOHN PAYNE (1912 - 1989)


photo 000000aaagombella_zps2364b147.jpg

MINNA GOMBELL (1892 - 1973)

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Did you upgrade your windows? I see they are doubled payned today! :)






(nice to see Ms. Vickers get her due. not much of a career but she will always be Carmen from The Big Sleep, plus she takes a real nice still photo, my screen saver has more Martha than anyone).









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photo 000000aaadulla_zpse2b93879.jpg

KEIR DULLEA is 77 today


photo 000000aaaclinta_zps9235973a.jpg

CLINT WALKER is 86 today


photo 000000aaajima_zps6a2ab65d.jpg

JIMMY LYDON is 90 today


photo 000000aaadouga_zps25343ad0.jpg

DOUGLAS FOWLEY (1911 - 1998)


photo 000000aaablanca_zps7f5008be.jpg

MEL BLANC (1908 - 1989)


photo 000000aaafeta_zps09b96b37.jpeg

STEPIN FETCHIT (1902 - 1985)

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Thanks for the picture of Iris Adrian. She was part of my childhood and I would fall down at every line she spoke. The funniest woman, with such a marvelous persona. One of my favorite videos is her and her "sisters" with Jack Benny.



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photo 000000aaadicka_zps72603c7e.jpg

On leave from duty in the South Pacific, Lieutenant Richard Ney spends time with wife Greer Garson between scenes of "Mrs. Parkington"

(after their divorce the louse badmouthed Ms, Garson about their age difference)

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photo 000000aaaclintae_zpsda6d993d.jpg

CLINT EASTWOOD is 83 today


photo 000000aaajimmya_zps7674c8d7.jpg

JIM HUTTON (1934 - 1979)


photo 000000aaaelainea_zps01ebc409.jpg

ELAINE STEWART (1930 - 2011)


photo 000000aaaalida_zpsd9cdfcf4.jpg

ALIDA VALLI (1921 - 2006)


photo 000000aaabpa_zpsdbbfc207.jpg

BARBARA PEPPER (1915 - 1969)


photo 000000aaadavea_zps735a3011.jpg

DAVE O'BRIEN (1912 - 1969)


photo 000000aaadona_zps52d754d9.jpg

DON AMECHE (1908 - 1993)

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Joe, I think Betty Garrett's face really changed a lot as she grew older.I know that's her, but she does look different.I've read that they did have a very close marriage, even though they were both hounded by HUAC. S omething else is interesting, Larry Parks was Jewish and I've read Betty was also. Don't know if that's true about Betty, I guess not, since the photo leads us to assume it was a Christian wedding.

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Great shot of John Garfield with the former heavyweight champion, Mongo. I realize that Garfield was not physically the largest star in Hollywood but Jim Jeffries really looks HUGE beside him.


Jeffries was a big man, a former sparring partner of Gentleman Jim Corbett's, but not the most scientific of fighters. A big puncher, he used to cover up his head and take shot after shot from opponents who simply couldn't deck the big man before he eventually caught up with them and knocked them out.


Gentleman Jim himself attempted two championship comeback attempts against Jeffries. In their first fight, a 25-rounder, Corbett was boxing Jeffries head off and was miles again on points by the end of Round 22. The only way Corbett could lose was to get knocked out, which is exactly what happened in the next round when Jeffries caught the former champ with a single punch. A few years later the two had a rematch but an older Corbett was knocked out quicker this time, in the 10th.



Jeffries retired as the first undefeated heavyweight champ in 1905, revered for years by old time fight fans. He was talked into a disasterous comeback 5 years later, though, against Jack Johnson, the first black champion. Johnson out-boxed and out-slug the aging Jeffries, prolonging the fight for 15 rounds before the slaughter was ended. Jeffries then retired back to his alfalfa farm once again, never to return to the ring again.



But it showed how much White America believed in the legend of Jeffries, emerging from retirement after 5 years without a warmup fight, thrown in the ring with a cagey boxing genius like Johnson, and expected to win. It was, instead, a grotesque mismatch, and the racially divisive search for the "great white hope" was on in a very ugly time in heavyweight boxing history.


After Johnson eventually lost the crown in 1916 (controversy concerning whether the loss was fixed or not, though it probably wasn't), it wouldn't be for another 21 years that a black man would be allowed to fight for the heavyweight crown once again. And that man would do rather well - his name, Joe Louis. It was a different era from Johnson's however, and Louis would be loved by Americans of all races. Controversy would return in the 60s to the heavyweight crown once again, and, with it, the legend of Muhammad Ali.


Sorry, end of heavyweight boxing history lesson.

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