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I thank you too, Tom. I love the boxers of yesterday. My dad and I used to sit ourselves down by the radio when Joe Louis was fighting and I would time the rounds and listen to the blow-by-blow descriptions. One night when I had got myself settled for the fight I was terribly disappointed when it was over almost before it began. He was fighting Two-Ton Tony Galento. TV was yet to come, however I still have the chance to see it, and here it is: http://www.boxing.com/tony_galento_vs._joe_louis_1939_ill_moider_da_bum.html


As Max Baer said (different quotes, but essentially the same), "Fear is when you look across the ring at Joe Louis and realize he wants to go home early."

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Thanks, Dothery for the Tony Galento article. Love that Max Baer quote. Maxsie always had a sense of humour. And, yes, the night Baer fought Louis, Louis did go home early.


Mongo, just so you don't think this is an attempted boxing hijack of your great movie photo thread, I hope you don't mind if I combine boxing and movies together with this shot from the set of The Harder They Fall. Yes, that's Bogie, of course, with Max Baer on the left and Jersey Joe Walcott on the right, both of whom appeared in the film with him.



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Doesn't look like a very happy couple. Of course their marriage lasted less than 2 years.


Gilbert looks fine in this picture and he was able to play tennis, but he died from health issues within 3 or so years of this picture.


Also, I wonder who's pants those are hanging on the tree to the left? Might they be Dietrich's?

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Another trip down Memory Lane. I watched *Janet Dean* on our first TV; an old Crosley we got from my grandparents in 1952 when they got a new Admiral. Years later I learned Ella Raines was a classmate of a classmate's mother and by then knew she'd been a movie star before she was one on TV. Thanks for the photo.

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photo 000000aaaaacurta_zps1986005f.jpg

TONY CURTIS (1925 - 2010)


photo 000000aaaaacda_zpsac456ce3.jpg

COLLEEN DEWHURST (1924 - 1991)


photo 000000aaaaaleoa_zps1daa8dfe.gif

LEO GORCEY (1917 - 1969)


photo 000000aaaaaellena_zps6c7fb207.jpg

ELLEN CORBY (1911 - 1999)


photo 000000aaaaapga_zps30854343.jpg

PAULETTE GODDARD (1910 - 1990)

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I had no idea who any of the other *The Waltons* actors were but when I saw they had Ellen Corby on board I knew it was worth watching. The same thing happened when Barbara Bel Geddes and Jim Davis were the first *Dallas* stars on the cast list. None of them let me down. You bet these grand old character performers mattered! I've stuck with many a movie I disliked the lead(s) in because the supporting casts were so top-notch.


Tony Curtis? He never looked that "come hither" in his films, at least not to me. Great photo!



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It is character actors who enable the stars to shine. Movies like: You Can't Take It With You, It's A Wonderful Life, Bringing Up Baby, or Mr Smith Goes To Washington would have been really bland without all the character actors. And when you think of people like Claude Rains, Edna May Oliver, Edward Everett Horton, Eve Arden, Ward Bond, James Gleason, Mary Wickes, Eugene Pallet... I could go on forever. These are the people that feed the lines to the major characters in the story. They keep the blood flowing in a movie. What would Cool Hand Luke have been without Strother Marting or George Kennedy? I would never even know how good a dancer Shirley Temple was without the talented Bill "Bojangles" Robinson beside her. Thank God we have all these wonderful people on video so that we can see just how good they were. And, if I can ever get my grandchildren to watch black and white movies or tv, maybe they will be able to appreciate them also.

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Speakin' o' Tab in the desert here, Joe...


A few months back, my wife and I saw Tab and Joyce DeWitt perform A.R.Gurney's play "Love Letters" at the Mary Fisher Theater here in Sedona AZ.


And I gotta tell ya, for an 81 y/o dude, Tab is STILL lookin' mighty fit and soundin' great!

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