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photo 000000aaaaabda_zps17e61c21.jpg

BRUCE DERN is 77 today


photo 000000aaaaajdba_zps397405a7.jpg



photo 000000aaaaadennisa_zpsb17ceb4e.jpg

DENNIS WEAVER (1924 - 2006)


photo 000000aaaaarra_zpsa8016577.jpg

ROSALIND RUSSELL (1907 - 1976)


photo 000000aaaaarwa_zpsc6a4d10f.jpg

RICHARD WHORF (1906 - 1966)


photo 000000aaaaahicksa_zps0e916d49.gif

RUSSELL HICKS (1895 - 1957)

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Thanks for the link Dothery. I really enjoyed that. I don't remember - were those three (including Adrian) regulars on Jack Benny's show?




No ... I only remember seeing them together in that one film clip. Iris Adrian did appear on the Jack Benny show a lot. Her voice could make me laugh wherever I was in the house when she came on. Hilarious delivery. And she never gave Jack an inch.

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photo 000000aaaaadirectors_zpscf208a90.jpg

Amazing image of directors Claude Lelouch, Jean-Luc Godard, Fran?ois Truffaut, Louis Malle and Roman Polanski at a press conference during a most turbulent Cannes Film Festival. May, 1968

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photo 000000aaaaapsa_zpsd75462c3.jpg

PEGGY STEWART is 90 today


photo 000000aaaaabobla_zpsb84f0b43.jpg

ROBERT LANSING (1928 - 1994)


photo 000000aaaaalexa_zps12a11750.jpg

HERB VIGRAN (1910 - 1986)


photo 000000aaaaajabbott_zpsa8f6e62c.jpg

JOHN ABBOTT (1905 - 1996)


photo 000000aaaaabillba_zps1ea111d8.jpg

WILLIAM BOYD (1895 - 1972)


*Note Although TCM is having a Robert Taylor birthday tribute today, his birthday is August 5th.

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photo 000000aaaaabilliea_zps74b2d765.gif



photo 000000aaaaacranea_zps127ba85d.jpg

RICHARD CRANE (1918 - 1969)


photo 000000aaaaamariaa_zpsf3a2e0d3.jpg

MARIA MONTEZ (1912 - 1951)


photo 000000aaaaawa_zps27bc3963.jpg

WALTER ABEL (1898 - 1987)


photo 000000aaaaafba_zps7f9ef13c.jpg

FRANKIE BURKE (1915 - 1983)

Interesting bio from IMDb: Francis Vaselle Aiello was born June 6, 1915, in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, New York. He worked many odd jobs after graduating High School, including working with his father, Carmine, who owned a tailoring shop. He earned the nickname "The earl of Warwick" because of his persistence trying to obtain a job at the most luxurious hotel in town, The Warwick Hotel (he sat in the lobby for weeks every day). However, he was a "newspaper seller" when he first saw 'James Cagney' on film and became an immediate fan. He imitated Cagney for a long time to his friends and family, much to their approval, before deciding to hitchhike to Hollywood to get an interview with Cagney, but this attempt failed, so he returned home to New York. Later he tried it again, and this time he landed a job on the vaudeville circuit doing impressions of Cagney. A Warner Bros. talent scout saw his act and hired him for the role of the young version of Cagney's "Rocky Sullivan" in "Angels with Dirty Faces" (1938). After that he made 17 films until he disappeared from the celebrity circuit in 1941. His whereabouts from 1941 to about 1961 are unknown, but sometime in the early 1960s, he decided to ride the rails as what he, himself, called a "Hobo" until he became too ill and was taken from a train when it pulled into Junction City, Kansas. He was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and sent to a long term care facility in Chapman, Kansas where he passed away only weeks later on April 7th, 1983. Sad.

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Esther Williams ... there's a girl who earned her money. She said once, "You can only do so many strokes a minute, you have to look beautiful every second and you can't stop smiling." I saw her once with a university swim team. They were trying to swim her "movie star" way and they couldn't do it. They kept sinking. She was showing them how but they still couldn't manage it. Funny.


I always thought the worst part of her job was getting the gunk out of her hair at night. They had to load it with vaseline to hold it in place and she was hours cleaning up later.


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Billie Whitelaw was in a little British jewel titled "Make Mine Mink" with a great Brit cast from 1967. She was delightful in it. The movie is one of the funniest I have ever seen. As far as I know, it has only been shown once on TCM. I was able to finally get it on disc.

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photo 000000aaaaavma_zpsf164415e.jpg

VIRGINIA McKENNA is 82 today


photo 000000aaaaadga_zps27933793.png

DOLORES GRAY (1924 - 2002)


photo 000000aaaaacarlosa_zpsb9394ee4.jpg

CARLOS THOMPSON (1923 - 1990)


photo 000000aaaaadeana_zps701dce99.jpg

DEAN MARTIN (1917 - 1995)


photo 000000aaaaajta_zps6ac9b1e1.jpg

JESSICA TANDY (1909 - 1994)


photo 000000aaaaamariona_zps302c4684.jpg

MARION MARTIN (1908 - 1985)

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