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Thank you for showing us how beautiful Jessica Tandy was. The earliest film I've ever seen her in was *Valley of Decision* when she was in her early 30s she looked rather plain in it. With her talent she didn't need looks but it never hurts.

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I think that probably Jessica Tandy was made to look rather plain in Valley Of Decision because of the role she played - it was anything but flattering. Isn't it ashamed that we didn't get to see more of her. I always thought that she and Geraldine Fitzgerald were two actresses that I would like to have seen more of. Because of my lack of experience in the theatre world, I didn't become familiar with Jessica Tandy until Driving Miss Daisy. I knew who she was, but just didn't get to see much of her work.

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I think this is the Carlos Thompson who married Lilli Palmer after her divorce from Rex Harrison. She said in her book she had promised to wait for Rex until after Kay Kendall's death, but she didn't intend to go through with it. (Rex had one hell of a nerve, in my humble opinion.) Anyway, she married Carlos and stayed married to him until she died.

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photo 000000aaaaaajda_zpsac3a52ea.jpg

JAMES DARREN is 77 today


photo 000000aaaaaamarsa_zps28b32fd3.jpg



photo 000000aaaaaadana_zpsf3c9400d.jpg

DANA WYNTER (1931 - 2011)


photo 000000aaaaaaaryana_zpsa8ac5364.jpg

SHEILA RYAN (1921 - 1975)


photo 000000aaaaaaasa_zpscbbda101.jpg

ALEXIS SMITH (1921 - 1993)


photo 000000aaaaaabobpa_zps0b9f984c.jpg

ROBERT PRESTON (1918 - 1987)


photo 000000aaaaaabrandona_zpsf1ad0c5b.jpg

HENRY BRANDON (1912 - 1990)

photo 000000aaaaaaahenrya_zps2fe7a5a4.jpg

It's hard to believe that Henry Brandon aka Henry Kleinbach played the evil Silas Barnaby in Laurel & Hardy's "March of the Wooden Soldiers"

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Don't forget Harry Brandon also appeared in John Ford's "The Seachers" as Chief Scar, also in Ford's "Two Rode Together" as Chief Quanah Parker and the mean opera manager who makes Alfalfa sing "The Barber of Seville" in "The Our Gang Follies of 1938. Just a few of the films of a very talented actor.."

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Dothery, Charles Boyer did the same thing when his wife died.



Yes, I remember, Mongo. It grieves me greatly whenever I think of it. It was a day or two after her funeral, I believe. Didn't his son also commit suicide some time before that? No wonder he felt so alone ... and he was such a nice man, too. Joyce Reynolds told me he was really a delightful man to work with and she and Joan Fontaine were both crazy about him when they played with him in The Constant Nymph.






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Dothery, it's interesting that you know Joyce Reynolds, the virtual incarnation of wholesomeness when she appeared in a handful of films in the '40s.


I'm curious about her casting as Joan Fontaine's sister in The Constant Nymph, even though Reynolds looked nothing like Fontaine. Fontaine's part was originally going to be played by Joan Leslie, an actress to which Reynolds did bear a striking resemblance.


I've often wondered if Reynolds was cast early on because of that resemblance to Leslie and, once Leslie was removed from the project, they kept Reynolds in the role of the sister anyway. I don't suppose by any chance that you might know if that was the case.



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I'm afraid I can't be of any help as to the casting of The Constant Nymph, since I haven't seen Joyce in a long time. At the time I knew her she lived here on the island, but where she is now, I'm not sure. If I do connect with her again I'll try to find out the origin of the casting.


I met her when I ran a secretarial service in Kona, and she came in one day with a screenplay for me to type. I recognized her at once (which surprised her greatly), and we began talking about her early career at Warner's. We hit it off right away and became good friends. She was every bit as wholesome and nice as she seemed to be in pictures.


As a matter of interest, when we were talking one day about her work in movies, I asked her why she didn't write an autobiography, and she said she'd never want to revisit those days. She wasn't angry, but seemed adamant that that part of her life was not too happy.

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Dothery, thanks very much for responding so quickly.


I'm sorry that Joyce Reynolds doesn't look back upon her Hollywood years with more affection. However, maybe it's not such a surprise. Warners gave her the lead role in three minor confections, none of which is particularly well remembered today. By the beginning of the '50s her film career had ended, with a final feature made at Columbia.


There's so much glamour and excitement associated with Hollywood but it really is a factory town grinding out a product and often not very kind to many of its participants.


*"They've great respect for the dead in Hollywood,"* Errol Flynn once said, *"but none for the living."*


Another Flynn quote on the town that apparently left a bad taste in Joyce Reynolds' mouth:


*“It’s comfortable, it’s warm, it’s sunny, but it’s filled with the most unutterable bastards.”*









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