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This is one of my favorite Christmas movies and it is a great example of Frank Capra's terrific troup of supporting actors. They are all there: Thomas Mitchell, Edward Everett Horton, Ellen Corby, Jerome Cowan, Sheldon Leonard, Jay Novello, May Robson, etc. Plus, there is a terrific performance from Peter Falk - he was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar.


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I always enjoyed watching Zachary Scott, even though he played the "cad" in most of his movies. It wasn't just his looks, there was something bewitching about him. Most of the time, I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I even liked him in a little comedy with MacDonald Carey and Claudette Colbert - I can't remember the title right now. And I do enjoy seeing him in color - that is a new experience for me! Thanks, Joe.

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Mimi, I don't believe that May Robson was in "Pocketful of Miracles", she was however in the original "Lady for a Day". The name of the movie with Zachary Scott and Colbert is "Let's Make It Legal".

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You are right, Joe, May Robson actually originated the role of "Apple Annie" in Lady For A Day. That is the role that Bette Davis played in Pocketful Of Miracles. I guess I got carried away thinking about Frank Capra movies in general!


And thanks for the title of the Zachary Scott movie.


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Mongo, that shot of Gable reminds me of the fact that MGM wanted to promote the image of their resident studio No. 1 box office star as that of a sportsman. It's my understanding that Gable initially started hunting and fishing primarily to appease that studio desire and as time passed he genuinely came to love the outdoorsman lifestyle.


This particular shot looks a bit posed to me. I have to wonder if it was an MGM photographer that took the picture.

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>This particular shot looks a bit posed to me. I have to wonder if it was an MGM photographer that took the picture.


Well Tom, yep, it WAS probably either one of the MGM boys, OR one of the boys from Dodge!


(...Dodge/Chrysler that is...not the Kansas town your boy Errol once cleaned up with a six-gun!) ;)

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photo 0000000aaaaaaafaithdoma_zps59f6368d.jpg

FAITH DOMERGUE (1924 - 1999)


photo 0000000aaaaaaafrana_zps80f221a7.jpg

FRANCES RAFFERTY (1922 - 2004)


photo 0000000aaaaaaaimaa_zps36548f89.jpg

ILONA MASSEY (1910 - 1974)


photo 0000000aaaaaaaljacka_zps889937de.jpg

JACK ALBERTSON (1907 - 1981)


photo 0000000aaaaaaaoma_zps35f0cf80.jpg

ONA MUNSON (1903 - 1955)


photo 0000000aaaaaaalaurela_zps31c2ee9a.gif

STAN LAUREL (1890 - 1965)

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I don't know Tom, about how he got started in the "sportsman" department. But I would say that this picture looks like he just stepped on the bumper of the car to get out of the grass. He appears to have mud (or dirt) on the sleeve of his shirt and on his pants. And those shoes look like something an outdoorsman would wear - plus they have have mud all over them, too - it doesn't look like Gable has been sitting around waiting for someone to take a picture of him.


Several years ago on TCM, I saw a special with home movies that Ken Murray had taken. There were several of Gable and Lombard in long underwear marching around a campground with what appears to be fish that had been recently caught. I also learned that Carol Lombard realized that if she was ever going to fit into Gable's life, she had better learn to hunt and fish. Gable was a man's man and liked to get away from the "Hollywood" thing by spending time camping, hunting and fishing, and drinking (of course, he could do that in Hollywood, too.)


Edited by: bagladymimi on Jun 16, 2013 3:12 PM

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Mongo, thanks very much for those family life scenes of Dads Bogart and Ladd.


I've always found it touching that hard drinking Bogart mellowed into a happy family man in his final years after he discovered love with Lauren Bacall. Who would think that such a May-December romance would turn out as well as it did. Those three boxers asleep in that picture with Bogie are even more laid back than their master was on screen.


It's my understanding that while Alan Ladd had a long marriage it may not have been the happiest one. However, I believe that he was a totally devoted father. That image of him with his daughter and son is probably an accurate reflection of their relationships with one another. This picture was taken of the actor before he, tragically, began to turn to the bottle for solace for a lot of insecurities, including that of a failing career.

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