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Guy Kibbee was the most amazing actor. A while ago I recorded "Design for Scandal" on the DVR and have been watching it now and then, especially the courtroom scene where the most ridiculous stuff is going on with Walter Pidgeon and Roz Russell and Lee Bowman. His dialogue is wryly funny but he delivers it as though it were the most natural thing in the world.


Pidgeon says he's not a lawyer but wants to represent himself.


"We'll help you; we'll help you," says Kibbee.


Then later when the uproar is at its highest, he asks the court reporter, "Are you getting this down?"


The reporter says no, and Kibbee (as the judge), says, "Well, take it down; you're not doing anything else, are you?"


Great scene. I don't know another actor who could have done it as well. I miss him.

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photo 0000000aaaaaaamaea_zpsea57e3c4.jpg

"Three Mae Wests all in a row in the persons of RAF pilots Eric Bostock and Kenneth Baird and the screen star herself. The two British fliers are wearing ?Mae Wests,? lifebelts so named because of their buxom resemblance to the star, and they were caught in this maewestish pose at Columbia studios as they read the actress into membership in the ?Mae West? club." August, 1943

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photo 0000000aaaaaaaaraa_zpsb49bfc65.jpg

ROBERT ARTHUR (1925 - 2008)


photo 0000000aaaaaaaarba_zpsa4ac2fff.jpg

RICHARD BOONE (1917 - 1981)


photo 0000000aaaaaaaakeyea_zpsbb8bc4c2.jpg

KEY LUKE (1904 - 1991)


photo 0000000aaaaaaaajma_zpsd5b34fc6.jpg

JEANETTE MacDONALD (1903 - 1965)


photo 0000000aaaaaaaamaeba_zpsa743c6a9.jpg

MAE BUSCH (1891 - 1946)

Mae's Hollywood career lasted 30 years; she worked with many of the leading directors, actors and actresses of the time. After a long illness she died in 1946, aged 54. She was cremated and her ashes remained in a cardboard box at the Motion Picture Country Home Hospital for over 20 years until a proper internment and plaque was provided. Sad.


photo 0000000aaaaaaaablanchea_zps9216a633.jpg

BLANCHE YURKA (1887 - 1974)

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photo 0000000aaaaaaaampa_zpsb2b93aee.jpg

MARISA PAVAN is 81 today


photo 0000000aaaaaaagenara_zps8936b090.jpg

GENA ROWLANDS is 83 today


photo 0000000aaaaaaajourdana_zps5bd728c7.jpg

LOUIS JOURDAN is 92 today


photo 000000aaaaaaaapaa_zps8202ed1e.jpg

PIER ANGELI (1932 - 1971)


photo 0000000aaaaaaaamna_zpsc3a1837a.jpg

MILDRED NATWICK (1905 - 1994)


photo 0000000aaaaaaaamha_zpsde2ec034.jpg

MOE HOWARD (1897 - 1975)


photo 0000000aaaaaaaacca_zps71d49c87.jpg

CHARLES COBURN (1877 - 1961)


photo 00000000aaaaaaaa_zpsbe586e43.gif

DAME MAY WHITTY (1865 - 1948)

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photo 0000000aaaaaaaabretta_zps254470ad.jpg

BRETT HALSEY is 80 today


photo 0000000aaaaaaaadannya_zpsbb94b631.jpg

DANNY AIELLO is 80 today


photo 0000000aaaaaaaamla_zps51a5ea0a.jpg

MARTIN LANDAU is 85 today


photo 0000000aaaaaaaaudiea_zps0f6bde42.jpg

AUDIE MURPHY (1925 - 1971)


photo 0000000aaaaaaaagaila_zps27520512.jpg

GAIL PATRICK (1911 - 1980)


photo 0000000aaaaaaaaerrola_zpsde7030c3.jpg

ERROL FLYNN (1909 - 1959)

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I agree Midge, especially that photo of Sabu! By the way, I know the men probably haven't noticed but Mamie Van Doren looks like she has devil eyes in that picture of her, the eyes are all black! ]:)

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>You must be a fortune teller Mongo! Jane Russell you are predicting will live until 2911, but I thought she had already pased on???!!


Hey JH! I guess you haven't heard, but the "Rule-of-Thumb" has always pretty much been that IF your..err..you're going to kid someone about their typo, you better make darn sure you haven't done the same thing YOURSELF! LOL


(...in other words, check out how you spelled "passed" up their..err..I mean up THERE!!!) ;)

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