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photo ampampampampaaa_zpsa20391b8.jpg

DIANE BAKER is 76 today


photo ampampampampaaaaa_zpsea62b6b5.jpg

TOM COURTNAY is 77 today


photo ampampampampa_zps2b82a231.jpg

BRENDA JOYCE (1917 - 2009)


photo ampampampampaa_zpsac56ffd2.jpg

WARREN HYMER (1906 - 1948)

He was an actor, known for Meet John Doe (1941), Destry Rides Again (1939) and One Way Passage (1932).

Hymer was a brawny, barrel-chested character actor who had made a successful career out of playing not particularly bright cops, gangsters, sidekicks, etc., much like Nat Pendleton, until an incident in the late 1930s effectively killed his career. He was known to have a bad drinking problem, and one day he apparently showed up for work drunk at a picture he was making for Columbia. When this was reported to Columbia chief Harry Cohn, he ordered Hymer thrown off the lot. Enraged, Hymer burst into Cohn's office. Finding him gone, Hymer took out his frustrations by **** on Cohn's desk. While many who hated Cohn--which was most everyone in Hollywood--applauded Hymer's action, the powerful studio chief had him blackballed in the business, and consequently he found work in only two films for the next year. His career picked up somewhat in the next few years, but usually in smaller parts than he had before and some in which his character didn't even have a name. He died in 1948 at age 42 of a stomach ailment. Sad.

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Diane Baker, so pretty.


Tom Courtney, he was great in the BBC's Little Dorrit a few years ago.


I ADORE Brenda Joyce. She was rather good, and lovely as ever in The Rains Came. I wish she had had a more extended career.

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I always think of Tom Courtney in his roles in Dr. Zhivago. That remains my most vivid image of him from courageous student agitator with the shear guts to walk into the aristocratic restaurant and walk out with Laura, striving WW1 soldier, and finally Red Army General Strelnikov. He stole the movie in many ways for me as the embodiment of the trampled, terrorized, desperately poor Russian masses of Imperial Tsarist centuries.

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photo 7e36e52e-8608-4fb3-8614-709ee92fed3a_zps3a6a4e48.jpg

ROBERT FRANCIS (1930 - 1955)


photo ampampampampaaaaaaaaaa_zps2dafabd1.jpg

BETTY HUTTON (1921 - 2007)


photo ampampampampaaaaaaaaaaaaaa_zps141c14a4.jpg

TONY RANDALL (1920 - 2004)


photo ampampampampaaaaaaaaaaaa_zps0d242d75.jpg

ROBERT ALDA (1914 - 1986)


photo e3884b58-45ed-4f61-9df9-64f70ee8ae24_zps408d129a.jpg

DANE CLARK (1912 - 1998)


photo ampampampampaaaaaaaa_zpsf82861fc.jpg

DUB TAYLOR (1907 - 1994)


photo ampampampampaaaaaaa_zps5ac0a07b.jpg

WILLIAM FRAWLEY (1887 - 1966)

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Tony Randall, nostalgia for me, not so much the movies (although I liked him) but his appearances on the talk shows in the 70s. He loved opera and was an amateur singer and sometimes sang a little; not that good, not that bad. He once told a story about Gustav Mahler conducting Wagner's Liebestod which is pretty "racy" for an opera and that after the big crescendo (signifying you-know-what) he had the "ultimate experience" as he put it. Dick Cavett going, "WOW!", the audience laughing out loud. Pretty racy for TV at that time, actually. (Hope it's all right for a 'dirty' story once in a while, Mongo ;) Randall was immensely entertaining on those shows.

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I remember Tony Randall's TV spots and he was always hilarious. He sat in regularly for the talk show hosts and was always as entertaining as they.


Opera music can be very sexy indeed. I remember making my friend opera star Richard Troxell laugh when I told him of showing his movie of "Madame Butterfly" to a group of ladies at my B&B in Maine, and having them sit there in shock through the love duet. At the end I asked if anyone wanted a cold shower and they all nodded. That music is to my mind among the most erotic in all opera, although I can relate to the Liebestod being thought tops in that line.



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Dothery, thank you for the link. I watched the whole thing. I see what you mean. Reminds of a Domingo/Freni duet from MB in a movie made by Ponelle some years back, which is also quite, uh, hot.


I'm thinking of starting an OT opera-related thread. I don't think it will do well but maybe...I'm trying to decide where is the most appropriate venue for that, Favorites, I guess (although the traffic is lower there) Anyway, if I do, I hope you drop in for a hello. Thank you.





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>JOANNE WOODWARD is 84 today






A while back there was a ding-a-ling who posted here on this

board, can't remember who, who stated Joanne Woodward

was unattractive.


She was born in Thomasville, Ga. A beauty queen.


Give me that every night.


Thanks for the posts and hope health is ok.


Jake in the Heartland

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