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Verna Felton was also on a couple of "I Love Lucy" episodes.  In one of the episodes she was a housekeeper Lucy hired to help out after Little Ricky was born. As I'm typing this I'm chuckling as I remember how she made a peanut butter sandwich for Lucy after she ate all the other food in the Ricardo's fridge.  She was great!

I love that episode.


LUCY: What's your name?

MRS. PORTER (Felton): Mrs. Porter.

LUCY: And what do I call you?

MRS. PORTER: Mrs. Porter.


She's in another episode where Lucy becomes a door-to-door saleswoman after purchasing a vacuum cleaner from a tricky salesman.  She goes door to door to unload it.  Verna Felton (Miss Simpson) opens her door to Lucy.  Lucy, trying to emulate the original salesman, throws dirt on her floor--she wants to show her how good the vacuum cleaner is.  Lucy goes to try and plug in and turn on the vacuum cleaner.  It won't turn on.  Whoops! turns out Miss Simpson didn't pay her electric bill.  Lucy then tries to pick up the dirt by hand.


Verna Felton is also the voice of Flora, the red fairy in Sleeping Beauty and I think she's also the fairy godmother in Cinderella.

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Producer Walter Wanger, Peggy Ryan, Lou Costello, Joan Bennett, Jess Barker and Yvonne De Carlo board a plane at Lockheed Air Terminal in Burbank for Portland, Oregon, where they will attend the premiere of "Canyon Passage" in 1946

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Thank you for the Hank Worden photo.  I always looked for him in the Ford/Wayne films but could never put his name and face together.  Then I saw him in an early Lone Ranger episode  and the mystery was solved.  I always wondered if he was really as slow-witted as he seemed on screen until I learned he was college-educated and realized what a great actor he was.

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Tony Curtis looks like Buster Brown - worst legs I've ever seen.


Yeah, but ain't it amazin' how a pair of high heel pumps AND the proper length skirt hem can help hide those unsightly flaws???



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