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Do we dare surmise what the great Karloff might be stir frying:  beef brains. Rocky Mountain Oysters, and filet of beef tongue? Fried brains are delicious as is beef tongue (makes good sandwiches).  I've had both but not "oysters".


More likely fish and chips.  He was British, you know ... (Anglo-Indian, actually).  Maybe bangers and mash.

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:) What a wonderful array of photos and stories to greet me on my return after ten days away.  I always head to this thread first and am never let down. 


I had no idea about how rotten a person Bruce Cabot was so I'll be doing some research.  He did a lot of work with John Wayne in their later years, was he as nasty to him as you all say he was with Errol Flynn?   


Also a friend of Michael Caine shared a story about him on a talk show that had me in stiches despite the despicable behavior of one of the people in it.  It seems this fellow was racist and when he saw Mrs. Caine, who is multi-racial, going about the neighborhood just like everyone else he was very put out and ranted about it to the storyteller who decided to put him in his place.  He let the man think Caine shared his views and arranged a meeting with him-after letting Caine in on it.  They were at Caine's home and this guy was spewing his garbage when Mrs. Caine came home and was introduced as the lady of the house.  I was so busy picturing this guy getting his comeuppance that I didn't get if he stayed in the neighborhood or not.  I doubt he learned his lesson but enjoyed hearing about the attempt.


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Well wouldbe, that idiot must not ONLY have been quite the racist, but evidently he must have been somewhat blind TOO!


(...'cause of course, Michael Caine's wife Shakira is..as we used to say back in the day..a stone FOX)





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