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Dargo, you must be thinking about Sinatra?


Perhaps Joe, however I based my little joke there on what someone around here once replied to me on these boards after I had made the comment about never understanding what Ava saw in Mickey, and they told me that Ava once supposedly said after someone had directly asked her this same question that Mickey was in so many words "well equipped" in that department.

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Legendary actor Mickey Rooney in all his glory (almost)

Wow.  This is a picture I could have gone without seeing (too bad some more hunky actors didn't take similar pictures ;) )  


I'm curious however how this picture came about and where it was originally printed.

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Hey folks one can use the Quote feature but delete the link to the picture or use 'cut' so that it doesn't show over and over again.


That picture of Mickey is when one should do this!    :blink:

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HENRY FONDA  (1905 - 1982)



MARGARET SULLAVAN  (1909 - 1960)





I didn't know that this pair (husband and wife) had the same birthday.    Makes it easier for one not to forget to get their spouse a gift!   

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     I know that this is probably not the thread to ask this question but I wondered if anyone knows why Henry Fonda and Margaret Sullavan divorced?  From what I read they were only married 2 months.

They even appeared in a movie a few years after their divorce so I would assume they remained cordial.


As always the birthday photos are fantastic!

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I understood she had an affair with Jed Harris very soon after they got married and of course Fonda knew about it immediately. 


She was apparently irresistible to men.  Jimmy Stewart was crazy about her.  Walter Pidgeon talked about it once after making a movie with them.  They all fell under her spell, all the men in the cast, the director, everybody. 


Fonda once told a friend that he was a pushover for every woman he got involved with; as soon as the affair would begin he would propose marriage and get married right away.  Maybe he just married Sullavan without knowing her.

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