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Did you know that Orville Wright was Robert Cummings' godfather?  Orville was a good friend of Bob's parents.  He taught young Bob to fly.  Robert Cummings served as a flight instructor during World War II.

When the Government started issuing  license for flight instructors Robert Cummings license was #1, making him the first official fight instructor in the U.S..


In 1954 he played Juror #8 in a live production of "12 Angry Men" and won an Emmy for it. It's the role Henry Fonda had in the film version.


Cummings was picked by John Wayne to play the pilot in "The High and the Mighty", but he was over ruled by director William Wellman who cast Robert Stack...

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Birthday boy Gerald Mohr played the role of the overly dramatic French teacher, Mr. Monet, who often spoke using hilarious malapropisms of which Our Miss Brooks would only sometimes correct. Mohr was a well-known radio and movie actor.

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(...once seen while watching The Hollywood Squares...)


Host Peter Marshall: "Paul, true or false: You can swim faster in the nude?"




Birthday Boy Paul Lynde: "No, false...but it helps me steer!"

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     "Oh where oh where has our bansi4 gone. Oh where oh where can he be".

Joe where are you? You said you'd be gone from the board for a few days. It's now been 3 weeks.

It seems like 6 months.

We miss you! We've lost track of celebrities' birthdays and we miss all those wonderful rare candids you post here. Please come back soon.  This thread was my absolute favorite till you left.

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Man, I miss this thread. Does anyone have any inside scoop on what happened to Mongo?


Absolutely, Jake. I'll bet just about every regular to these boards feels this same way.


I wish I did have some info about Joe's longer than expected absence, but unfortunately I don't. Now, and not to needlessly alarm the folks around here, but I do remember Joe stating a while back that he has been suffering from some debilitating ailment for a while, and so I hope, and as I'm sure we all do, that this hasn't been the cause of his absence.

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