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Sorry, a little too late and perhaps overkill but couldn't resist this. I'm watching a

documentary about baseball just now, this is a shot taken during the 1952 World Series (yes,

with actual color camera). This turbaned smiling young lady's team may be winning.

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One good thing out of the turban fiasco is perhaps the 'hat' that the lovely and unfortunate actress Gloria Dickson wore on her birthday page, I admired her in the films "They Made Me a Criminal" and in "Lady of Burlesque". May she rest in peace.



Once and for all  does anyone recall the Turbans and
their hit record "when You Dce"?

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Hi, bansi4, and welcome back. You were so missed! I do remember "When You Dance" by the Turbans. Great song. (Yes, I'm that old.)


Maureen O'Hara looks beautiful even when she's being drenched with water. Happy 95th birthday!  I love Evelyn Ankers's "hair turban." How in the heck did women get their hair to do that?  :)

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LONE STAR (1996) is a very good murder-mystery film that needs more attention and TV airings. It is extremely intersting and filled with startling stuff, especially at the very end. This should be a big "cult" film.




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GENE KELLY  (1912 - 1991)

Gene Kelly passed away I believe in 1996.  I remember because it was halfway through sixth grade and I remember being so sad.  My friend and I rented Singin' in the Rain and The Pirate in his honor and watched both.


Happy Birthday Gene Kelly! I plan on having a birthday tribute to him tonight!

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