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It was an unusual contest for Supporting Actor that year. Tom Tully for The Caine Mutiny; 3 actors from On the Waterfront (Cobb, Malden, Steiger); and O'Brien.


All three?  No wonder O'Brien won as there's no way you could have picked one of them over the other.  Add to this the Brando and Saint wins and the great music and screenplay and you know why I consider this the best movie of all time, damn the politics.


That said, I think O'Brien was worthy of the win as I've seen The Barefoot Contessa several times and he's great in the role.  Tom Tully, who at the time was a TV cop with Warner Anderson and Marshall Reed on  The Lineup, would have been a good choice as well for The Caine Mutiny.  This is the kind of race that makes the Oscars; assurance that a true talent wins; pain that four others don't.


Yes, perennial movie bad guy Marshall Reed played "Inspector Fred Asher" on this show in the 50's.  We'd see him as the good guy Friday night then the next morning be the outlaw in whatever B- Western was playing.  We knew he was going to buy it courtesy of the hero at the end but they were fun to watch.  Actually he was more animated in the films than the series; I guess he was supposed to be a 'Stiff upper lip" type of cop on the show. 


I'm certain that we all send our sympathies to Jane Powell on losing husband Dickie Moore.  They really seemed to be a happy couple after much adversity in both their lives.

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EDMOND O'BRIEN (1915 - 1985)



My ex wife worked as a veterinary's assistant in Santa Monica in the late 1970's and Edmond O'Brien would bring his dog in for grooming, Mr O'Brien  was suffering from alzheimer's disease then and in a few days they would get a call from him asking if he had bought his dog in there. The vet kept the dog[at no charge} for

him until he came for him...

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The immaculate Claudette ... never a hair out of place ... once I read that they tried to dirty her up for a scene where she had to fall in the mud and she still looked too good after the makeup people had got through with her.  She said she learned to cut and style her own hair and do her own makeup early in her career.  She was one lady who had complete control of her career and used the fact that her brother was her agent and her husband was her doctor to make sure of it.  She insisted that she had to leave work at five and get her rest and had them put it in her contract.  Nobody pushed Claudette around.

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roof that TRUE beauty lasts for ever: A year before her death, birthday gal Lauren Bacall posed for this unflinching portrait. And, every line on her proud, defiant face is a lesson in how to embrace growing old.


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So, has it taken me this long to fall in love with Anne? She is adorable. Her reluctance to 'come on down' seemed authentic but she got comfortable pretty fast. Maybe it was the showbiz in her. The initial photo, Bansi, that you put up of her was excellent. Spiffy. Thanks to you too, Dothery.


Big double take on Roddy, he came across to me as a young Frankie.

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Thanks very much Dothery for that delightful video of Mel and Annie strutting their stuff on stage as they sing Sweet Georgia Brown.


For a person who didn't want to sing and had to be coaxed into doing that number by her husband, Annie sure showed off a lot of Polish. Err, I mean polish.


There must have been one heck of a lot of laughter in the Brooks home.

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