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:) Mongo has done it again! I am a big John Dehner fan and appreciated the photo of him in his younger days. No matter what the role-and his were so varied-he always delivered.


Ollie T: Encore Westerns will be running the last season of Maverick next month which has the two-part episode ?The Devil?s Necklace? in which Dehner plays Luther Cannonbaugh. Despite what you might expect it is not a comedy role but the most despicable one I think he ever played. He did do another one towards the end which was hilarious and proved why he was so good.


The Kirby Grant - aka Sky King - photo got me lost in my childhood again and the one of Howard Duff sent my blood pressure up 20 points to say nothing of my libido. I always liked him as an actor but never really noticed his sex appeal before.


This is becoming the first thread I look at now. Imagining going from innocent to naughty in the space of a few seconds; thanks a lot.


Please, everybody, have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving week-end. I don't want to lose any of you. My roomie hates poultry-"fowl is foul"-and I'm not that big on ham so I'm making a cross between beef stew and beef Burgundy. I'll put a piece of boneless chuck in a roasting bag with potatoes, carrots, celery, mushrooms, onions, spices, and red wine then roast. Of course there has to be a green bean casserole and we'll top it off with the rest of the wine and butter pecan ice cream. Will let you all know the results. :)


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fredb: I did not know HG,WT had a radio version. Was it on the same time as the TV one as was the case with Gunsmoke?


I can just hear that marvelous voice comming out of the old "breadbox" now. Much as I loved Mr. Dehner, I can't see him as Paladin instead of Richard Boone. It's the same with William Conrad and James Arness; that might not be right but it's true. I guess I'm just as guilty as anyone else about typecasting; after my posting about that I will be having fowl tomorrow-crow.


Everybody means you too. Have fun and stay alive.

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This is one of the few times that the TV series gave birth to the radio version. HGWT debuted after the TV show became a hit. It aired from Nov. 1958 to Nov. 1960. Check out otrcat.com ,they have the series avaiable for mp3 or cd'c. I think you can get all 106 episodes for $ 5.00 for your MP3 player.....

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I hope you and Audrey and the rest of the clan have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Keeping my fingers crossed that our paths may cross this April.


Till then, thank you for all you do with this wonderful thread!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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More then 50 times as many shows can be stored on a mp3 disc then on a standard CD disc. BUT mp3 recordings MUST be played on your computer or on a MP3 player.Which is about the size of a small digital camers but thinner, So one MP3 disc = 50+ standard CD's. Example- One MP3 disc contains 52 episodes of the Alan Ladd radio series "Box 13" compared to 26 audio CD's...Hope I did not confuse you... HAPPY TURKEY DAY TO ALL>>>>>>>

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Lynn, we all had a wonderful Thanksgiving today. I hope the same for you and Jon.

It looks like the funds aren't there for that trip in April. We will be sorry to miss it. Be sure to give Robert and the clan our warmest regards.

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