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Free Guy


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I just saw it this afternoon and found it clever, funny, and surprisingly moving.  Imagine a background character from "Grand Theft Auto" suddenly becoming part of the action, to the point of changing the course of the game, and creating a stir in the gaming community that spills into the broader culture. But that's not really the point, it's just the premise: artificial Intelligence taking initiative to improve it's own condition, inspired by a romantic attraction that, it turns out, does not go entirely unrequited. Along the way there is deep friendship and the satisfaction of overcoming personal challenges and inspiring others to do the same. 

The human characters are not much deeper than the AI guy, really. There is a subplot, or counterpoint, of corporate greed versus personal achievement in the gaming business with clearly defined good and bad guys, but it was the interplay between the lady good guy and the title Free Guy that I found most intriguing. The human love story seemed contrived - it doesn't work like that, I thought, it never works like that - but my wife disagreed. She found it not only believable but necessary. 

The friendship story was very well told and for me the more human, even if the plot device used to resolve it was no more deeply thought out than just saying it was all just a dream. And there is the matter of the creator being adored by the created, which is touched on subtly and quietly. 

It is visually fun, too. The viewer is in a video game, with army tanks and speeding cars zipping down the street, gun play on every corner, and super human powers for those who have leveled up. 


See it. And don't have a good time. Have a great time

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