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Canadian TV Memories.


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5 hours ago, Bogie56 said:

Does anyone remember CHCH's Cliff McKay, using a terrible German accent as Grandpa Schnitzel on “Schnitzel House?”

He wore lederhosen and sang ... 


“Is this not a little mouse?
Ya, this is a little mouse,
Is this not a Schnitzel House?
Ya this is a Schnitzel House,

…Little Mouse
…Schnitzel House

Inky dinky inky dinky
Inky dinky
Schnitzel House.”

Can't find anything but that doesn't mean it's not there on the Internet. Cliff McKay was quite an accomplished guy.

The Canadian Encyclopedia calls him a "pioneering figure in jazz in Canada" and the article also mentions "Schnitzel House":

Tvarchive.ca had something about the show but the website has gone kaput, I think?

That means check Wayback Machine and yes, it is there, but no video:

A few comments about the show at the site above.

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"The Red Green Show" was also meant as a lampoon of "The Red Fisher Show."

Red Fisher was on TV for so long he was lampooned by John Candy on "SCTV" AND by Steve Smith on "The Red Green Show."

I guess you could call that an honour?

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1 hour ago, Bogie56 said:


Here is another horrible show that ran on CHCH for too many years ... Tiny Talent Time.

I do remember that show... But I was too, too tiny to be on it... Woulda been Teeny Tiny Talent Time for my age back then...

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As a young student in Toronto back in the day, I remember seeing lots of posters all over downtown Toronto advertising screenings of classic movies by a guy named Reg Hartt.

That was before the Internet was commonly available, and when video was in its infancy...Hartt used an old movie projector and would screen classic films.
I wanted to go and check it out, but never did.

Here's an old poster, for example:
KID DRACULA 8.5 x 11_page-0001 | Reg Hartt

Then you'd see the posters plastered all over the place like this (Salvador Dali is Hartt's):

Like I wrote, I missed going, but many others went and had their first experience watching classic movies:

Wiki article on Hartt:

TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) has a Reg Hartt Collection in it's Film Reference Library:

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Back in the day during summers I would go visit me grandma in Toronto and it was like night and day between the limited TV channels available in my small city in the boonies, and what was available on TV in Toronto. One show I watched was Brian Linehan's on CityTv. Called "City Lights" and ran for many years:

Here's a 1986 interview with John Candy on "City Lights":


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2 hours ago, Bogie56 said:


Here is another horrible show that ran on CHCH for too many years ... Tiny Talent Time.

My father used to pause on this show as he was flipping through the channels. He would pause because he knew I couldn’t stand watching it. He’d leave it on until I screamed “Change the channel!!!” Then he’d laugh his butt off. He’d do the same thing with wrestling.  Of course, I‘ve done the same with my kids. Who knew jerkiness was hereditary?

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I can only say I wished I would've been able to see a Canadian TV show or two, but I lived in West Palm Beach, FL growing up and I don't recall any television shows we got in South Florida from 'The Great White North'.   🍁

However, I have enjoyed collecting Canadian-made movies on video over the years.  I've got a bunch of 'em . . . hunting down filmic goodies from Maple Leaf Land. 

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Watched "Witness to Yesterday" with Patrick Watson doing an interview with an actor portraying an historical figure. First ran on Global and then on TVOntario. Dates from 1974 to 1976:

Watson did another similar TV show called "Titans" that was on the CBC and Citytv for one season:

More episodes of "Witness to Yesterday"  were made in 1998. Whole idea was based on Steve Allen's American TV show. Interestingly, Allen guested as George Gershwin on a 1976 episode of "Witness to Yesterday."

Joan of Arc episode from 1974 here:

"SCTV" spoofed it with John Candy as Watson:


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Congratulations to William Shatner on his space trip today. I'm surprised he wasn't beamed up somewhere by Nimoy, Doohan,  DeForest Kelley, etc.

Anyway, back in 1974 Shatner did a celebrity interview TV show on Global TV. It was called "Flick Flack."

Unfortunately, I can't find any video. There were 14 episodes all filmed in Toronto. He interviewed Mel Brooks, Clint Eastwood, Richard Harris, Edith Head, etc.

Detailed information on the episodes is here:







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1 hour ago, Mr. Gorman said:

I noted PRAY FOR THE WILDCATS (1974-Tvm) is mentioned in the short article.  That's a barrel of lunatic '70s fun with Andy Griffith playing a nasty businessman.  William Shatner co-stars.

Yeah, never seen that one. Wiki article on the flick states it has a "cult following." Must refer to "The Cult For Bad Old Films That Star William Shatner."


I noticed in the trailer they seem to be wearing old "Star Trek" shirts - yellow ones and red ones...


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Well, that's it for my reminiscing. Brain cells need a rest. Plus I'm still emotionally drained after watching the season finale of "Bachelor in Paradise" - the TV series, NOT the Bob Hope movie. In case you missed this year's ending of this momentous TV series, I'll briefly recap:


"The Wasp Woman" found love and was pleased to announce her engagement to...

The Wasp Woman (1959) - Midnite Reviews

... "The Fly." Hope the happy couple have a long life together.

Dinner, Shopping & a Movie: The Fly (1958) | The Avalon Theatre, Grand  Junction, Colorado

Oddbod Jr. from "Carry on Screaming" found his forever love...

67 Carry on screaming ideas | carry on, horror films, british comedy

... The Bride from "Bride of Frankenstein." No hissy fits here from this Bachelorette as love conquers all.

Bride of Frankenstein 1935 Elsa Lanchester 36x24 Black and White Movie Art  Print Poster Photograph Famous Classic Hollywood Film : Amazon.ca: Home

Sad to report that "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" still remains unlucky in love. Cupid's golden arrows continue to fall short for this Bachelor and the Creature's loveless streak continues since having its heart broken by Julie Adams. Better luck next season on "Bachelor in Paradise," Creature.

Ricou Browning as the monster "Gillman" in the movie "The Creature... News  Photo - Getty Images


Just some early Halloween fun. Actually think "BIP" would be much better if they used old movie monsters from past films.

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1 hour ago, RMeingast said:

Oh, one more thing before I buzz off. Canada Post announced a new stamp yesterday in honour of Christopher Plummer. Any stamp collectors/Plummer fans can read about it here:



What, no Captain Von Trapp?...Oh, there he is, in back.

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More channel surfing and discovered something the world needs: "Bachelor in Paradise Canada."

Main difference from American version is that American version takes place at a swanky Mexican beach resort while the Canuck version takes place at a trailer park:

trailer park boys full hd 1024x768 | Trailer park boys ricky, Trailer park  girls, Trailer park boys


Seriously for one minute, there is a "BIP Canada" but the image above is for the old TV series "Trailer Park Boys" 'tho it could be for "BIP Canada."
Anyway, "Trailer Park Boys" was very popular back in the day:


I guess you can watch old episodes on Netflix nowadays. I forget what channel used to air them in the old days?



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Channel surfing Saturday night and came across a new version of "Saturday Night at the Movies" on WQLN PBS out of Erie, Pennsylvania (it also is directed at Canadian viewers by including London, Ontario, as well as Erie under the station ID of WQLN) :


It's hosted by Glenn Holland, a professor at Allegheny College. It's different than the old Elwy and Thom Ernst "Saturday Night at the Movies" on TVOntario in that WQLN only airs one film (Elwy show aired two) and there are no interviews with guests on the WQLN version. Holland does an intro and then yaps after the movie (Elwy did intro and there were interviews between films).



Saturday night WQLN aired "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" from 1978 and starring Donald Sutherland, Brooke Adams, Jeff Goldblum, Leonard Nimoy, and others. No commercials, etc.

The WQLN logo that includes Erie AND London (Ontario, Canada - gotta get those Canucks donating, too):


"The Manchurian Candidate" is next up on Oct 23.

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A look back at Canadian TV wouldn't be complete without the Heritage Minute.   Short films on Canadian history intended to make us feel good about living in this country.  Think of them as Canada's version of "The Triumph of the Will"

A sample that's relevant to the group.


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Second City had some of the best comedy ever, and most of the cast went on to bigger and better things - Schitt's Creek among them.   I still have fond memories of their movie spoofs which rank right up there with Carol Burnett's.   Oh to see Count Floyd tonight shake his jowls and cry, "Very scary kids!" after showing what appears to be Madame Curie.

My spouse recently brought home a box of DVDs that he got at a yard sale and I discovered Murdoch mysteries.    I fell hard for Yannick Bisson who plays the lead.  As the grandchild of immigrants from Quebec, I now feel entitled to dual citizenship so I can visit  in search of my crush.


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