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‘The president’s decline is alarming’


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‘The president’s decline is alarming’

In a focus group last week, Pennsylvania Democrats one after another articulated the issue vexing top White House aides, party operatives in Virginia and voters in Georgia: Why isn’t President Joe Biden’s diminished job rating rebounding?

All nine participants from Tuesday’s session gave Biden C- grades or lower. And their answers circled back to a similar point: The pandemic and the many ways it continues to hinder normal life is souring their views of Biden.

One woman said she wanted to buy a car but supply chain issues were delaying new shipments to the dealership. A man complained about understaffed restaurants.

“There is a malaise,” said Sarah Longwell, a moderate Republican strategist who became a vocal supporter of Biden in 2020, and led the focus group of Democratic voters. “People don’t feel like their lives have been improved. They did sort of feel that promises aren’t being kept.”

Nearly nine months into office, Biden and his team contend that the ravages of the pandemic are starting to recede due to his actions. They point to polling showing strong support for his legislative agenda, anchored by physical infrastructure and social and climate spending packages. They note how rare it’s been for Democratic lawmakers to break ranks, even during this current, difficult period.

But Biden’s standing with Americans has plummeted, with his average approval rating plunging by nearly 15 points since late June. He's seen a drop among Democrats and even more with Republicans, but the decline has been particularly steep among independent voters. In the same time period, the president has scrambled to salvage his domestic initiatives amid infighting among Democrats over their size and sequencing. He has presided over a chaotic and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan and faced criticism for his response to the inhumane treatment of Haitian migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border.


Biden and the democrats lied about the vaccines prior to the last election and now it has come back to haunt them. Then you have Biden unable to answer questions, and the Afghanistan debacle, plus bad legislation. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

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5 minutes ago, Vautrin said:

When  you  try to get  a mule's attention by hitting it repeatedly with a 2x4 and it still doesn't change its clueless  behavior,  you blame

the mule not the person with the 2x4.   

I'm uhh...

Sorry, what are we talking about here, Vautrin? :D

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4 hours ago, NipkowDisc said:

despite the absolute HS posted here by stupid's worshippers there have to be democrat voters who can see what a phockjob he is.


According to the Gallup September poll, very few. He went from 98% to 90% among Dems.

Still, partisans nominate candidates, but independents elect them, and that's where the real damage is.

"Independents have shown the greatest variation in their opinions of how Biden is doing. Biden's current 37% approval rating among independents is his lowest to date and 24 points below his personal high of 61%. Two-thirds of Biden's slide among independents since he took office has occurred in the past three months."

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5 hours ago, NipkowDisc said:

despite the absolute HS posted here by stupid's worshippers there have to be democrat voters who can see what a phockjob he is.


Whatever he might be called (pick something out of the dictionary, it doesn't really matter) he is still a damn sight better than the dipsh!t we had before. Whether phockjob or Schtootzie or whatever pet names you amuse yourself with, he is on the side of Americans. He is not going to take over the country or incite berserkers to terrorize the country side. He is not a complete nitwit like the man you worship.


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