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After 24 years the Sinatra Family Forum was closed down!


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I was quite shocked and disappointed to find this out. I hadn't contributed to the forums for many years. I only used it for research and check up coming releases. It gave me pause for reasons I'm sure you can understand.

Thought you all might find this of interest.


Dear Friends,

This announcement will probably come as a shock and I apologize in advance for that.

Thanks to all of you we have built relationships that are not just words on a computer screen. We
have met, embraced, shared meals and drinks and laughter and I will treasure those times spent
in each other's company in various cities around the world. Dad used to say, "you've got to make
the effort" and many of you did. Thank you for that. I know dad would have loved those times as
much as I did.

We’ve built tremendous relationships and a beautiful community for all things Sinatra. I appreciate
the love and support for the Sinatra Family and our online neighborhood for the past decades. And
I'm very grateful for the members who attended my various performances over the years—your
friendly faces were a joy to behold even when being forced to endure loud rock and roll! Thank
you for that too.

When we started this page way back in 1997, we voiced and embraced our Mission Statement:

We the Sinatra Family pledge to keep the legacy of Frank Sinatra
safe and free from harm so that his music and charitable work will
live on in the hearts of future generations around the world. All
who enter this site are charged with this responsibility. We will
keep this flame burning with the integrity and truth that were so
much a part of his spirit and life’s work.

The Sinatra Family Forum empowers its members to “keep the
flame” in their own lives and help light it in others by educating
new members on the individual and collective bodies of work and
values of the Sinatra Family.

But now it's time to say goodbye. It is with a heavy heart that the Sinatra Family Forum and
SinatraFamily.com website will be shutting down and going offline on August 1, 2021. Dad always
said, "you have to know when to get off" and we believe that time has come.

Going forward I’ll be looking to keep in touch with each of you on Instagram (@nancysinatra)
and Twitter (@nancysinatra), where I’ll be Live-tweeting a bit more and Live Instagramming as

It’s never easy to say goodbye, but leaving this website and the Sinatra Family Forum is most
wrenching and difficult. I’ll miss you. I love you. And I thank each and every one of you for being
part of the Sinatra Family Forum and for “keeping the flame.” Please stay in touch with me so we
can keep the flame burning.

[Signed: Nancy Sinatra]

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It probably speaks to my general ignorance of the world around me and specifically the online world around me that I was unaware this forum existed. I'm probably lucky I know THIS forum exists. My late dad listened almost nonstop to the Sinatra channel on Sirius/XM, and I believe Nancy hosts a show on there, if you're looking for some continued connection with the family.

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1 hour ago, King Rat said:

Thanks for posting this, yancey. It does come as a shock. It's hard to know why they wouldn't hire someone to take care of the website.

Looks like they wanted to go to twitter and Instagram.

I don't know how the TCM website numbers compare to the Sinatra message boards. I've been saying for a while now that it seems to me TCM does little to promote this website on the network. I wonder how many TCM viewers there are compared to how many use the various social media outlets. And what those numbers are in comparison.

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17 hours ago, King Rat said:

Thanks for posting this, yancey. It does come as a shock. It's hard to know why they wouldn't hire someone to take care of the website.

I had never heard of this Sinatra website.     As for why the family (mostly Nancy),  closed the site down:  does anyone know how much traffic the site got?  E.g.  average number of users per day that log on?       

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