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Worst Military Disasters since Vietnam-Afghanistan withdrawal NOT one.


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There are more, but these are worse than the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

1983:  Beirut; 241 US Marines killed in bombing.  Reagan sent them there and then withdrew them without accomplishing anything.

1983:  Grenada;  19 US service members killed.  Two days after above bombing Reagan invaded Grenada ostensibly to protect US citizen medical students there.  No evidence of any actual threats to these students.  Speculation is that he did it partially to distract attention from Beirut bombing.  Of course the planning had been going on, but he determined when to actual invade a foreign country.  Several Carribean countries had requested US assistance to overthrow the communist government in Grenada.

1996:  Khobar Towers, Saudi Arabia bombing; 19 US service members killed.  Clinton was president.  Cause was a lack of security by the US, SA and other forces.  In 1991 I lived in Khobar Towers before going into the desert during the Gulf War.  We had very good security then.

As for Afghanistan, Trump committed US and allies to the withdrawal and his people met with the Taliban to coordinate it.  Biden inherited it.  The total failure of Afghan government, military and people to defend their country and desertion of it caused the problems in Kabul at the withdrawal.  US military planned and conducted the withdrawal - not Biden.

The disaster in  Vietnam is that we never should have been there in the first place.  I served there in 70-71.  As for the withdrawal from Vietnam when country fell, here again the US DOS and DOD relied on Vietnamese military, government and people to defend their country - they didn't.

The disaster in Afghanistan is that we should have withdrawn one year after Taliban had been defeated.

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30 minutes ago, Marysara1 said:

When I was in school , they said Vietnam was called a police action , so we could say we never lost a war.

Not sure what is was called when you were in high school or where you were in high school.  When I was in high school, college and ROTC, it was called a war.  Korea was also called a police action, but that was to get around restrictions of US "declaring war."

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1 hour ago, Marysara1 said:

It was the 80's. We were given the impression America didn't want to admit they lost. All the wars before that and Korea . America was on the winning side.

Actually the War of 1812 was a draw, but US was losing it when the British decided to end it in favor of war with the French.

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