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Please Bring Back Essentials Jr In The Summer Of 2022

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  • 1 month later...

I liked THE ESSENTIALS as a way to introduce people to classic film, but it kind of ran it's course.  I do think ESSENTIALS JR was a good idea, a place where a parent & their kids could rely on a decent classic movie shown they can watch together. 

It seems TCM has replaced the formal, hosted "Essentials" segment with their excellent Saturday Afternoon line up: A cool vintage cartoon, a serial,  then a classic B like a monster/sci fi/juvenile movie. 

That's how I caught the classic movie bug-seeing pretty good classic movies on Saturday morning TV in the 60's.

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Yeah.  I love that too.  I think the Saturday matinee lineup every Saturday kind of has like a drive in theme and afternoon movie theme to it.  Because back in the day.  I think people would go to the movies every Saturday afternoon for a matinee and they would have like newsreel’s.  Shorts and cartoons before the movie and they still do have cartoons before the movies when you go to the movies from time to time.  I remember when Disney’s Honey I Shrunk The Kids first came out.  They had the Roger Rabbit cartoon Tummy Trouble before it.  Which was also featured on the VHS.  When Disney’s Cheetah first came out.  They had the Mickey Mouse short Mickey And The Seal before it.  When Disney’s Dick Tracy first came out.  They had the Roger Rabbit cartoon where Roger and Baby Herman go to an Amusement Park.  When Home Alone first came out.  They had the Looney Tunes short where Granny takes care of Twetty.  Syelvester and the other one and put casts on them and when National Treasure Book Of Secrets came out.  They had a How To Goofy baseball short and it would be great to have Essentials Jr back.  Bill Hader was a great host.  So were all the hosts and I didn’t see it from the very beginning.  But the very first one looked and sounded so cool.  Funday Night At The Movies With Tom Kenny.  Hosted by Tom Kenny and all kinds of kids.  John Lithgow sounded great too and a few years ago.  I posted a drive in idea for it on this board.  I requested hosts.  A lineup and everything.  Find it.  Read it and let me know what you think and what would be your idea for a lineup for Essentials Jr?

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