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Candance Owens;America is being radically transformed into a communist country.


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I couldn't understand why in The Manchurian Candidate. I thought the wanted his character to be in office not by a assassin. Funny both parties can claim it. I  was just watching NCIS L.A.. Spoiler Alert. The woman the team was protecting from Russian Agents turned out to be one. (but the U.S. didn't want that information to come out) We should try as a nation to get back to the center. One is extreme right, other extreme left. What happened in the 50's was wrong with those hearings. Sorry atheists, but God gave us free will. but doesn't God love us equally? I was going to make a joke because I'm listening to both sides about my right side and left side being brainwashed. I don't completely understand the Ripper statement. Who's a purebred ? I read that Trump wanted immigrants from Norway. Then I remembered the movie Our vines have tender grapes.  They helped each other out when the farmer's barn burned down.  I think immigration should be about being a asset.(not about color)

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