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"Green Fire" (1954) filmed in Colombia


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Imdb says that ?Green Fire? was filmed in ?Los Angeles, California?, but I noticed that the early scenes of the boat, river, and the river town looked like Latin America.


I consulted Wiki and I found:


?Of course, the memorable qualities and real beauty of "Green Fire" rest not in its fairly standard love story or the performances but in the totally magnificent location cinematography in the remote regions of Colombia where the plantation and mining scenes were shot. MGM really went all out in the cinematographic side of this story and, the cast and crew ostensibly endured many weeks of miserable weather and conditions to give the film its very realistic look.?




I love these old adventure movies from the ?50s. These were what inspired the ?Indiana Jones? films.

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That was a delightful film.


Now I want to see ?The Naked Jungle? and ?Secret of the Incas?, both from 1954 with Charlton Heston.




It was from the "Incas" film that Indiana Jones got his outfit and famous hat. I always thought his brown leather coat was a silly thing to wear in the hot jungles and desert of the first movie. Heston wore the outfit because he was at high altitude in the Andes, where the weather was cold.

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