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Indiscreet Missing Dialogue

Stephen Langenthal

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I watched Indiscreet last night for probably the 200th time. I think there was a brief line of dialogue missing. Perhaps I am crazy.

At the end of the dinner in the London club, as Grant and Bergman get up to leave to go to the ballet, I remember Bergman thanking Albert (the headwaiter)for the excellent coffee.

The first time I saw Indiscreet, I was struck with this because in Casablanca she thanks the Sidney Greenstreet character for the coffee she has at his cafe.

In last night's version of Indiscreet she thanks Albert without mentioning the coffee.

Anybody else have a similar memory.

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I can't confirm the dialogue change, but I will bring up that at particular times I noticed "As Time Goes By" from Casablanca played lightly. Most noticeable to me when Cary and Ingrid were talking next to the fireplace. I've deleted the recording since, so I can't confirm it, and the soundtrack page on IMDb doesn't report it.

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