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"stonebrook": Mongo, that must be me.


Let's see, leo the, ahem, 'writer' couldn't even cut and paste my name or spell 'swallowed' correctly, made a presumption about my viewing preferences, and insulted my intellect. Then he went on to infer that because *I* haven't created a 'book', that I should keep quiet. And his last sentence made no sense at all.


Well, I did promise not to speak to the troll, I believe I'd better stop talking *about* the troll as well, since this is getting us all nowhere. He is accomplishing what he is setting out to do, i.e., disrupt this board.


I assume he will only be happy when TCM turns into AMC.


You're welcome, tcmprogrammer, and know that:


a. there are many here who appreciate what you do, and


b. you can NEVER make all of the people happy all of the time.


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Leo...Slappy's message was short and to the point. Read it again, and see if you can't possibly "comprehend" what Slappy said.


And, like Mongo said, you passed right over the message from the TCM Programmer so that you could continue with your mindless ranting and harsh criticisms of what TCM programs for us.


We all know that you hate Silents, so I'm certain that you didn't even watch "Greed" last night, and it was a premiere. You do know what "premiere" means, don't you? It means that it has never been shown on TCM previously!


Don't you think that the time has come to stop all of this crap? We're tired of your insults to our members, and to TCM...and it's for sure that we are tired of you. To say that you've worn out your welcome among us is a gross understatement. ML

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>my, how clever you all think you are.


No, Leo, you're the one who has been trying to impress us all since day one with your genius at 'supposedly' having written A book. By the way, I don't ANY other author in the world who would have mentioned their 'supposed' ONE book as often as you have here.


Darn, and here I said I was going to stop this.



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