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This is the 14th go round for this revered thread and the challenge this time...programming films for the White House.


I have it on good authority that President Obama is a big classic movie fan and he would like you to program: ?THE ALL DAY MOVIE NIGHT AT THE WHITE HOUSE.?


The President has mandated the Senate, the House, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Cabinet to attend this day of screenings. Governors are included as well. All calendars have been cleared for this ONE day and all side trips to Argentina will be canceled. Our elected officials are prepared to pull an all-nighter...and you?re going to program it for them.


In this Challenge, programmers are to submit a schedule of films that our newly elected officials can learn from. (You know, sometimes people take lessons better from the movies and not the lecture). Here are the areas of concern your programming should cover:


* Law (police, westerns, detectives)

* Order (courtroom, lawyers, judges)

* Media (tv, radio, journalism)

* Healthcare (hospitals, Senior Citizen homes)

* Military (any branch of service, any time period)

* Environmental (the great outdoors)

* Politics (movies about politics)


You may mix up your topics for that day, (i.e.):




8:00 PM THE HOSPITAL (1971) Cast: George C. Scott, Diana Rigg, Bernard Hughes. Dir: Arthur Hiller. Simcha Prods. C-103 mins.


9:45 PM CALLING DR. KILDARE (1939) Cast: Lew Ayres, Lionel Barrymore, Laraine Day, Lana Turner. Dir: Harold S. Bucquet. M-G-M. BW-86 mins.


11:15 PM HIGH NOON (1952) Cast: Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly, Katy Jurado, Lloyd Bridges. Dir: Fred Zinneman. Stanley Kramer Prods. BW-85 mins.


12:45 AM NETWORK (1976) Cast: Faye Dunaway, William Holden, Peter Finch, Robert Duvall. Dir: Sidney Lumet. M-G-M. C-172 mins.


Or have your entire day concentrate on just one topic if you wish, (i.e.):




6:00 AM SEVEN DAYS IN MAY (1964) Cast: Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Fredric March, Ava Gardner. Dir: John Frankenheimer. Paramount. BW-118 mins.


8:00 AM THE FIGHTING SULLIVANS (1944) Cast: Anne Baxter, Thomas Mitchell. Dir: Lloyd Bacon. BW-112 mins.


10:00AM PATTON (1970) Cast: George C. Scott, Karl Malden. Dir: Franklin J. Schaffner. 20th Century Fox. C-172-mins.


You do NOT have to use every single topic in your programming for this special day unless you want to. And since there are a lot of new and young Senators and House Reps who may not be familiar with Gary Cooper or Gilbert Roland, you may include ?MODERN? classics from the 1970?s to the present for the White House screening. These films may star performers that the younger generation may be more familiar with. The rest of your schedule should list no films made after 1969. Don?t bother with intros/outros from Robert Osborne during the screenings at the White House. But account for them when you program the rest of your week.


The films you program for ?THE ALL DAY MOVIE NIGHT AT THE WHITE HOUSE? should speak to, comment on, or demonstrate concerns you?d like elected officials to pay attention to. The films can critique the error of their ways OR show them how they can have their reach exceed their grasp and aspire to do beneficial things for the public. (Be like Jefferson Smith :D ; don?t be like General Mireau :-( ).


For the Challenge as a whole, you may program any week up until Ocotber 31, 2010.


For the schedule of films for the White House, you can jam-pack the schedule from 6:00AM to 6:00AM the following day. But even a politician?s gotta eat. If you decide to give these elected officials a break to eat, you can give them about two hours to chow down. But please don?t forget, your films must start on the top, quarter, bottom, three-quarters of the hour.


So that?s the Challenge: What films would you want your elected officials to see?


In the effort to save some space, if you?d be so kind as to check the following thread:




you?ll see the rules I?ve posted as host for this 14th Challenge. If you have any questions or need clarification please feel free to inquire here or send me a PM if you?d rather.


I am flattered and honored to be Hosting this Challenge. What I?m really looking forward to is reading schedules from vets and first-time players who choose to play.


Enjoy! You just might win a night in the Lincoln bedroom.

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6am: No Time for Sergeants (military)

8:15am: Patton (military)

11:15am: Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (military)

1:45pm High Noon (law)

3:30pm Citizen Kane (media)

5:45pm Cocoon (heathcare)

8pm: The game comes home (a longthrow movie) its a friend of mine's movie


the reason is that it about baseball in dc (which is play mostly outdoors) and talk about Baseball color line in dc (which has to do with Politics) .

10pm: Inherit the Wind (1960) (courtroom)

12:15am:Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald (a movie made in japan about a radio show)

2:15am: 7 days in May (military)

4:15am: Footrot Flats: A dogs Tail. (its about the farming life in New Zealand).


hope you all like

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Well...well...well!!! Congratulations on your submission towards the 14th Programming Challenge. Now if you wish to complete the other six days of the Challenge, you've got three whole weeks to do it. As of now, this is a great start. (I see one of my personal favorites listed..."SEVEN DAYS IN MAY.")


Thanxxx again for your joining the fun, G.B. :D

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"Due to the endlessly repeated 24-hour Judy Garland marathons in my previous scheds, I can see how you'd think that." - ChipHeartsMovies.


No Sir. That's not why I said that. It's b'cuz you sooo know movies like the back of your hand, that every film ever made is at the forefront of your brain. ;-)

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Ms. Maven, does the limitation to seven premieres include White House Day or is that day excluded from the total? It's not a big deal, since I'm only planning one premiere for that day, but you know there's always one kid in class who has to test the rules!


Just when you think, "Surely TCM has shown THAT film," you check the database to discover that no, they haven't. You veterans must be awfully familiar with that situation. Anyway, the challenge certainly is fun.

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Hi there King, re: the TCM premieres...the day you program films for the White House and our government officials, is excluded from that count. Since our elected officials need all the help they can get from us classic film buffs, that one day is a free for all. Go 70's, 80', 90's crazy. Program films never shown before on TCM. You'll be using films to teach 'em something.


We'll all learn something from that too, I suspect once we read participants' notes.


Hope this answers your question. Thanxxx so much for wanting to play. :D


P.S. I know that kid in the class!!! And no...it wasn't me.

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Originally I was only planning on using films allowed in the rules of the challenge (i.e. no Fox and Universal films unless previously shown). Now I must ask for clarification of the White House programming rules. Because it's the White House, can we show ANY studio's film (as we'll have likely immunity with all of the political clout in the room)?

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Your highness...you are absolutely correct in your statement. There is immunity...there is impunity on that one day you choose to program the film series at the WHITE HOUSE.


Your schedule will be voted on by our TCM-Message Board community. And I said it before and I'll say it again...can't our politicians use all the help they can get?


Welcome aboard the Challenge, Countess DeLave. Have fun with this.


L'amour, l'amour...toujours l'amour. ;-)

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Since I'm not clear if we are supposed to program one day of films or an entire week, I'll start off with my ?Slam Bang Finish? of a day?s programming for our elected leaders.


To wit:

6:00am - I Am a Fugitive from A Chaingang (1932)

8:00am - All The King's Men (1949)

10:00am - Inherit the Wind (1960)

12:30pm - The Oxbow Incident (1943)

2:00pm - Above and Beyond (1952)

4:15pm - The Grapes of Wrath (1940)

6:30pm - Twelve Angry Men (1957)

8:15pm - The Grand Illusion (1937)

10:15pm - Advise and Consent (1962)

12:45am - Dr. Strangelove (1964)


For what it's worth ...

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Hi, Cagney,


Actually, the schedule is for a full week's programming. Also, it is important to note that if you check out CineMaven's programming rules, you will see the there are requirements for layout, including studio, running times, and time starts for the evening schedule (when Robert O. is hosting...8 pm).


I was thinking that it might help if everyone who hasn't had a chance to do it before could actually see one of the schedules from a *previous* Challenge. I'll pick one of mine to make it easy:


*_SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2008_*


*_Super-Stars Seldom-Seen Cinema_*


6:00am *The Heat?s On* (Col., 1943) Mae West 80 min.

7:30am *They Gave Him A Gun* (MGM, 1937) Spencer Tracy 90 min.

9:00am *--30--* (WB, 1959) Jack Webb 96 min. PREMIERE

10:45am *Alice in Wonderland* (Par., 1933) Gary Cooper, W.C. Fields 85 min. PS

12:15pm *Escapade* (MGM, 1935) William Powell 95 min.

1:45pm *Stand By for Action* (MGM, 1943) Robert Taylor 109 min.

3:45pm *The Purchase Price* (WB, 1932) Barbara Stanwyck 68 min.

5:00pm *Johnny Concho* (UA, 1956) Frank Sinatra 84 min.

6:30pm *The Secret Fury* (RKO, 1956) Claudette Colbert 86 min.

8:00pm *The Mountain Road* (Col., 1960) James Stewart 102 min.

9:45pm *Room for One More* (WB, 1952) Cary Grant 97 min.

11:30pm _SILENT SUNDAY:_ *Our Dancing Daughters* (MGM, 1928) Joan Crawford 84 min.


*I Confess, It?s a Sin That I Haven?t Seen These Two Classics:*

1:00am _TCM IMPORTS:_ *Mon Oncle* (Alter Films, 1958) Jacques Tati 120 min.

3:15am _TCM IMPORTS:_ *Playtime* (Specta Films, 1973) Jacques Tati 145 min.



*_MONDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2008_*


*_1941 (Hollywood's Second Greatest Year) - Month by Month Release Schedule of Classic Film After Classic Film in Just One Year_*


_January 1941_

6:00am *High Sierra* (WB, 1941) Humphrey Bogart, Ida Lupino 100 min.

7:45am *Buck Privates* (Univ., 1941) Abbott & Costello 85 min.

9:15am *Mr. and Mrs. Smith* (RKO, 1941) Carole Lombard, Robert Montgomery 95 min.


_February 1941_

11:00am *The Strawberry Blonde* (WB, 1941) James Cagney 98 min.

12:45pm *Western Union* (Fox, 1941) Robert Young, Randolph Scott 96 min. PS


_March 1941_

2:30pm *The Lady Eve* (WB, 1941) Henry Fonda, Barbara Stanwyck 95 min.

4:15pm *The Sea Wolf* (WB, 1941) Edward G. Robinson, John Garfield 88 min.


_April 1941_

5:45pm *Ziegfeld Girl* (MGM, 1941) James Stewart , Judy Garland 133 min

8:00pm *The Road to Zanzibar* (Par., 1941) Bob Hope, Bing Crosby 90 min. PS

9:45pm *The Devil and Miss Jones* (RKO, 1941) Jean Arthur 93 min.

11:30pm *The Great Lie* (WB, 1941) Bette Davis, Mary Astor 108 min.


_May 1941_

1:30am *Love Crazy* (MGM, 1941) William Powell, Myrna Loy 100 min.

3:30am *Blood and Sand* (Fox, 1941) Tyrone Power, Rita Hayworth 125 min. PS


*_TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2007_*


*_1941 (continued)_*


_June 1941_

6:00am *They Met in Bombay* (MGM, 1941) Clark Gable, Rosalind Russell 92 min.


_July 1941_

7:45am *Blossoms in the Dust* (MGM, 1941) Greer Garson 98 min.


_August 1941_

9:30am *Here Comes Mr. Jordan* (Col., 1941) Robert Montgomery 94 min.

11:15am *The Little Foxes* (Goldwyn, 1941) Bette Davis 117 min. PS


_September 1941_

1:15pm *Citizen Kane* (RKO, 1941) Orson Welles 119 min.

3:15pm *Sergeant York* (WB, 1941) Gary Cooper 135 min.

5:45pm *Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde* (MGM, 1941) Spencer Tracy 114 min.


_October 1941_

8:00pm *The Maltese Falcon* (WB, 1941) Humphrey Bogart 100 min.


_November 1941_

9:45pm *Suspicion* (RKO, 1941) Cary Grant 99 min.

11:30pm *Shadow of the Thin Man* (MGM, 1941) William Powell, Myrna Loy 97 min.


_December 1941_

1:15am *How Green Was My Valley* (Fox, 1941) Donald Crisp 120 min. PS

3:15am *They Died With Their Boots On* (WB, 1941) 140 min.




*Some Fun and Ad-Venture (movies about advertising)*


6:00am *The Hucksters* (MGM, 1947) Clark Gable, Deborah Kerr 115 min.

8:00am *Lover Come Back* (Univ., 1961) Rock Hudson, Doris Day 107 min.

10:00am *The Thrill of It All* (Univ., 1963) Doris Day, James Garner 108 min.


*_A Fedora, A Trenchoat, and Thou (Bogart in Love)_*


12 noon *Casablanca* (WB, 1942) Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman 99 min.

2:00pm *Across the Pacific* (WB, 1942) Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor 97 min.

3:45pm *The Big Sleep* (WB, 1946) Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall 113 min.


*_A Twist of Lemmon_*


5:45pm *Some Like It Hot* (UA, 1959) Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon 120 min.




*_Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!_*


8:00pm PRIDE: *Paper Lion* (UA, 1968) Alan Alda as writer George Plimpton joins Detroit Lions training 105 min.

9:45pm WRATH: *Forbidden Planet* (MGM, 1956) Walter Pidgeon, Leslie Nielsen. 91 min.

11:30pm GREED: *Wall Street* (Columbia, 1929) Ralph Ince 68 min. (today is 79th anniversary of Stock Market Crash of 1929)


*_From Hair to Eternity_*

12:45am *Shampoo* (Columbia, 1975) Warren Beatty 109 min.

2:45am *Heaven Can Wait* (Paramount, 1978) Warren Beatty 101 min. PS


*_The ?Prince? and the ?Popper?_*

4:30 *Caprice* (Fox, 1967) Doris Day, guest starring ?Prince? Michael Romanoff and Fritz (?pop!?) Feld 82 min. PREMIERE


*_THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2008_*


*_Turner Classical Movies_*

6:00am *The Magic Flute* (Surrogate, 1974) directed by Ingmar Bergman 134 min. PREMIERE

8:15am *Romeo and Juliet* (Embassy, 1966) Margot Fonteyn, Rudolf Nureyev 126 min. PREMIERE

10:30am *La Boheme* (WB, 1965) directed by Franco Zefferelli 107 min. PREMIERE


*_Mount Rushmore_*


12:30pm *1776* (Columbia, 1972) Ken Howard as Thomas Jefferson 166 min.

3:30pm *Abe Lincoln in Illinois* (RKO, 1940) Raymond Massey as Lincoln 110 min.

5:30pm *The Wind and the Lion* (MGM, 1975) Brian Keith as Teddy Roosevelt 119 min.

7:30pm SHORT: *Give Me Liberty* (WB, 1936) Robert Warwick as George Washington 22 min.


*_If You Ain?t Got Elegance_*


8:00pm *Pretty Woman* (Buena Vista aka Disney, 1990) Julia Roberts 119 min.

10:15pm *My Fair Lady* (WB, 1964) Audrey Hepburn 173 min.

1:15am *The Unsinkable Molly Brown* (MGM, 1964) Debbie Reynolds 128 min.

3:30am *Mr. Deeds Goes to Town* (Col. 1936) Gary Cooper 118 min.


*_FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2008_*


*_Halloween from A to Z_*


6:00am *Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein* (Univ., 1948 ) Bela Lugosi 82 min.

Cartoon: *Bewitched Bunny* (WB, 1954) 7 min.

7:30am *Cat People* (RKO, 1942) Simone Simon 73 min.

9:15am *Dracula* (Univ., 1931) Bela Lugosi 75 min.

11:00am *The Exorcist* (WB, 1973) Max Von Sydow 121 min. PREMIERE

Cartoon: *Fraidy Cat* (MGM, 1942) 7 min.

Cartoon: *Gorilla My Dreams* (WB, 1948) 7 min.

Cartoon: *Hyde and Hare* (WB, 1955) 7 min.

1:30pm *The Invisible Man* (Univ., 1933) Claude Rains 72 min.

Cartoon: *Jeepers Creepers* (WB, 1939) 9 min.

3:00pm *King Kong* (RKO, 1933) Fay Wray 100 min.

Cartoon: *Little Brother Rat* (WB, 1939) 7 min.

Cartoon: *Mad as a Mars Hare* (WB, 1963) 7 min.

5:00pm *Nosferatu* (Prana, 1922) Max Schreck 72 min. PS

6:15pm *The Old Dark House* (Univ., 1932) Boris Karloff 70 min.

Cartoon: *Porky the Giant Killer* (WB, 1939) 8 min.

Cartoon: *Quackodile Tears* (WB, 1962) 6 min.

Cartoon: *Robot Rabbit* (WB. 1953) 7 min.

8:00pm *She* (RKO, 1935) Randolph Scott 105 min.

9:45pm *The Thing* (RKO, 1951) James Arness 80 min.

11:15pm *The Unknown* (MGM, 1923) Lon Chaney 63 min.

12:30am *Village of the Damned* (MGM, 1961) George Sanders 90 min.

2:00am *The Wolf Man* (Universal, 1941) Lon Chaney 70 min.

3:15 am _TCM UNDERGROUND_ *X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes*(American International, 1963) Ray Milland 70 min.

Short: *Your Last Act* (MGM, 1941) (Passing Parade No. 25) 11 min.

4:45 pm *Zombies on Broadway* (RKO, 1945) Bela Lugosi 69 min.





*_A Bunch by Benchley_*

6:00am *Foreign Correspondent* (UA, 1940) (as Additional Dialogue) 120 min.PS

Short: *How to Train A Dog* (MGM, 1936) 8 min.

8:15am *Murder on a Honeymoon* (RKO, 1935) (as screenwriter) 75 min.

Short: *How to Vote* (MGM, 1936) 10 min.

9:45am *The Gay Divorcee* (RKO, 1934) (contributed to Dialogue) 107 min.

Short: *An Hour for Lunch* (MGM, 1939) 9 min.

11:45am *After Tonight* (RKO, 1933) (as screenwriter) 71 min.

Short: *How to Eat* (MGM, 1939) 10 min.


*_Trailer Attractions_*


1:15pm *The Long, Long Trailer* (MGM, 1956) Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz 96 min.

3:00pm *Anatomy of a Murder* (Columbia, 1959) James Stewart 161 min.

6:00pm *Slither* (MGM, 1973) James Caan, Sally Kellerman 97 min.


*_Star of the Month: Edward Arnold_*


8:00pm _THE ESSENTIALS:_ *Meet John Doe* (WB, 1941) 123 min.

10:15pm *Come and Get It* (UA, 1936) 98 min. PREMIERE

12 mid *Mr. Smith Goes to Washington* (Col., 1939) 131 min.

2:15am *All That Money Can Buy* (aka The Devil and Daniel Webster) (RKO, 1941) 109 min.


*_High School Tearbook_*


4:15am *To Sir With Love* (Columbia, 1967) Sidney Poitier, Judy Geeson 105 min.


(Please note: PS = Previouly Scheduled by TCM; PD = A Public Domain film.)


Edited by: filmlover on Oct 9, 2009 4:14 PM

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