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Well hellooooooooooo lzcutter.


Here's an official ruling on the number of premieres used for this challenge. If you check out page 2 here: http://forums.tcm.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?threadID=147626&start=15&tstart=0 Point #9 states:



You may program seven TCM premieres for this challenge. Please note the premiere when you list your films.


Scroll all the way down the page. You don't need glasses. It's a lot of material to peruse. I look forward to reading your schedule.


Oh and by the by...Tom Doniphon staggering to his house and setting that room on fire, just about broke my heart. :-(

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Kingrat, I noticed that also. Both versions of When Ladies Meet are fine, but possibly the 1933 version is a little more enjoyable. And as for the Big Country, it's a fantastic film, which never gets tiring. Either way, I'd be watching a lot of TCM the week they program one of these entries! :)

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Sorry for another basic question but my TCM import choice doesn't fit into any of the studio libraries listed (probably most of the imports would not). Do I use it anyhow and mark it as a premiere?

Also, my choice is a 1971 film with Jean Gabin and Simone Signoret. Can't we just say that any film with those two together _is_ a classic? I _will_ abide by your ruling, Countess Delave.

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Howdy Countess. :D


Hmmm....Simone Signoret. Cigarettes, sophistication, continental. Hmmmm. I'm a big fan.


But for this Challenge I'm hosting, films made after 1969 are not permitted unless you're programming them for the White House. And though our elected officials could learn a thing or two...or three from the glorious Ms. Signoret alas and alack, I'd have to ask you to save that film for the 15th TCM Programming Challenge.


I look forward to your schedule and whatever programming surprises you have up your sleeve. Remember, this Challenge will end on Saturday.


Thank you.

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Okay, CM,


I'm on board. Am I still correct that I can use any foreign studio film and call it a premiere or does it mean that I can only use foreign films that have previously shown on TCM (unless they were released via any of the approved studios on the list)? Please clarify that point. Thanks.

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Hi Countess DeLave. You may use any foreign studio and list the film as a PREMIERE, as long as the film is not made after 1969.


Now you've made me (and others I'm sure) curious to see if you go with a French, British, Egyptian, Russian, Brazilian, Antarctican or Transylvanian foreign film.


(Me, I'm rooting for a Transylvanian film, but I'm the host. I'm supposed to be neutral).

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Here it is (a day early at that), hope y'all like it!


Sunday, December 5th National Parks

6:00 A Shenandoah (1965) James Stewart, Dir. Andrew McLaglen, Uni, 105 mins ps

8:00 A Wind Across the Everglades (1958) Christopher Plummer, Dir. Nicholas Ray, WB, 93 mins.

9:45 A Distant Drums (Everglades) (1951) Gary Cooper, Dir. Raoul Walsh, WB, 103 mins

11:30 A Yellowstone (1936), Andy Devine, Dir. Arthur Lubin, Uni, 63 mins

12:45 P Yellowstone Kelly (1959) Clint Walker, Dir. Gordon Douglas, WB, 91 mins

2:30 P Chief Crazy Horse (Black Hills) (1955) Victor Mature, Dir. George Sherman, Uni, 89 mins

4:00 P The Petrified Forest (1936) Bette Davis, Dir. Archie Mayo, WB, 83, mins. ps

5:30 P The Painted Desert (1931) Clark Gable, Dir. Howard Higgin, RKO, 85 mins ps

7:00 P Brighty of the Grand Canyon (1966) Joseph Cotton, Dir. Norman Foster, FFC, 89 mins.

8:30 P Death Valley (1946) Nat Pendleton, Dir. Lew Landers, SGP, 67 mins

9:45 P Romance of the Redwoods (1956) Charles Bickford, Dir. Charles Vidor, Col, 67 mins.

11:00 P Sequoia (1935) Jean Parker, Dir. Chester Franklin, MGM, 75 mins


Silent Sunday Nights

12:15 A A Modern Musketeer (1917) (Canyon de Chelly) Douglas Fairbanks, Dir. Allan Dwan, , Kino, 68 mins. ps

1:30 A 1925 MGM Studio Tour (1925), MGM, ps


TCM Imports International Affairs

2:00 A La Strada (1954) Anthony Quinn, Dir. Frederico Fellini, Kino 108 mins, ps

4:00 A I vitelloni (1953), Franco Interlenghi, Dir. Frederico Fellini, Janus, 105 mins, ps


Monday, December 6th


Small in Stature, Large in Talent: Maria Ouspenskaya

6:00 A Dodsworth (1936) Maria Ouspenskaya, Dir. William Wyler, UA 101 mins, ps

8:00 A Conquest (1937) Maria Ouspenskaya, Dir. Clarence Brown, MGM 115 mins, ps

10:00A Love Affair (1939) Maria Ouspenskaya, Dir. Leo McCarey, RKO, 88 mins, ps

11:30A The Rains Came (1939) Maria Ouspenskaya, Dir. Clarence Brown, Fox, 105 mins, ps

1:30 P Dr. Ehrlich?s Magic Bullet (1940) Maria Ouspenskaya, , Dir. William Dieterle, WB, 103 mins, ps

3:00 P The Wolf Man (1941) Maria Ouspenskaya, Dir. George Waggner, Uni, 70 mins, ps

4:30 P The Mortal Storm (1940) Maria Ouspenskaya, Dir. Frank Borzage, MGM, 100 mins, ps

6:30 P A Kiss in the Dark (1949) Maria Ouspenskaya, Dir.Delmar Daves, WB, 88 mins, ps


Fog City Noir

8:00 P The Maltese Falcon (1941) Humphrey Bogart, Dir. John Huston, WB, 100 mins, ps

9:45 P Out of the Past (1947) Robert Mitchum, ,Dir. Jacques Tourneur, RKO, 95 mins, ps

11:30P Vertigo (1958) James Stewart, Dir. Alfred Hitchcock, Par, 126 mins, ps

1:45 A D.O.A. (1950) Edmund O?Brien, Dir. Rudolph Mate, UA, 83 mins, ps

3:15 A Bullit (1968) Steve McQueen, Dir. Peter Yates, WB, 114 mins., ps


5:15 A ?Now Playing: The Show? (2010) TCM Original Production, 30 mins



Tuesday, December 7th


Commercial Appeal

6:00 A Harvey (1950), Jesse White (Maytag) , Dir. Henry Koster, Uni, 104 mins, ps

8:00 A Brute Force (1947) Ann Blythe (Hostess), Dir. Jules Dassin, Univ, 98 mins , ps

10:00A Ten Thousand Bedrooms (1957) Anna Maria Alberghetti (Good Seasons), Dir. Richard Thorpe, MGM,113 mins. ps

12:00P Johnny Come Lately (1943) Margaret Hamilton (Maxwell House), Dir. William Howard, UA, 97 mins. Premiere #1

2:00 P The Last Outpost (1951) Ronald Reagan (Borax), Dir. Lewis Foster, Par, 89 mins, ps

3:30 P Swing Time (1936). Betty Furness (Westinghouse), Dir. George Stevens, RKO, 103 mins. ps

5:15 P A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (1966). Jack Gifford (Cracker Jacks) , Dir. Richard Lester, UA, 99 mins.


7:00 P Warners at War(2008), TCM Original Documentary, 60 mins. ps


Women and War

8:00 P Since You Went Away (1944) Claudette Colbert, Dir. John Cromwell, UA 172 mins, ps

11:00 P Tender Comrade (1944) Ginger Rogers, Dir. Edward Dmytryk, RKO, 102 mins, ps

12:45A Three Came Home (1950) Claudette Colbert, Dir. Jean Negulesco, Fox, 106 mins, ps

2:45 A The Clock (1945) Judy Garland, Dir. Vincente Minnelli, MGM, 90 mins, ps

4:15 A Four Jills and a Jeep (1944) Kaye Francis, Dir. William Seiter, Fox, 89 mins,

Premiere #2


Wednesday, December 8th


City Confidential

6:00 A Kansas City Confidential (1952) John Payne, Dir. Phil Karlson, UA, 99 mins, ps

7:45 A The Phenix City Story (1955) John McIntire, Dir. Phil Karlson, AA, 100 mins, ps

9:30 A The Las Vegas Story (1952) Victor Mature, Dir. Robert Stevenson, RKO 88 mins, ps

11:00 A Chicago Confidential (1957) Brian Keith, Dir. Sidney Salkow, UA, 79 mins,


Set Your GPS!

12:30 P Pick Up on South Street (1953) Richard Widmark, Dir. Samuel Fuller, Fox, 83 mins, ps

2:00 P Call Northside 777 (1948) James Stewart, Dir. Henry Hathaway, Fox, 110 mins

Premiere #3

4:00 P Panic in the Streets (1950) Richard Widmark, Dir. Elia Kazan, Fox, 96 mins, ps

6:00 P Shack Out on Highway 101 (1955) Lee Marvin, Dir Edward Dein, AA, 82 mins, ps


Bootless John Wayne

8:00 P Long Voyage Home (1940) John Wayne, Dir. John Ford, UA, 103 mins, ps

9:45 P Blood Alley (1955), John Wayne, Dir. William Wellman, WBros, 115 mins, ps

11:45 P The Quiet Man (1952) John Wayne, Dir. John Ford, Par, 129 mins, ps

2:00 A The High and the Mighty (1954) John Wayne, Dir. William Wellman, Par, 141 mins. ps

4:30 A Big Jim McLain (1952) John Wayne, Dir. Edward Ludwig, WB, 90 mins, ps


THURSDAY, December 9th


All My Sons

6:00 A Son of Sinbad (1948) Dale Robertson, Dir. Ted Tetzlaff, RKO, 88 mins ps

7:30 A Son of Frankenstein (1939) Basil Rathbone, Dir. Rowland V Lee, Uni, 95 mins ps

9:15 A Son of Kong (1933) Robert Armstrong, Dir. Ernest Schoedsack,, RKO, 70 mins ps

10:30 A Son of Paleface (1952) Bob Hope, Dir. Frank Tashlin, Par, 95 mins Premiere #4

12:15 P Son of Ali Baba (1953) Tony Curtis, Dir. Kurt Neumann,, Uni, 75 mins Premiere #5

1:30 P Son of Captain Blood (1964) Sean Flynn, Dir. Tulio Demicheli, Par, 88 mins Premiere #6

3:00 P Son of Monte Cristo (1941) Louis Hayward, Dir. Roland Lee, UA, 102 mins, ps

4:45 P Son of Flubber (1963) Fred McMurray, Dir. Robert Stevenson, Dis, 100 mins, ps

6:30 P Son of Dr. Jekyll (1951) Louis Hayward, Dir.Seymour Friedman, Col, 78 mins, ps


Ann Sheridan: Star of the Month

8:00 P It All Came True (1940) Ann Sheridan, Dir. Lewis Seiler, Univ, 97 mins ps

9:45 P Castle on the Hudson (1940) Ann Sheridan, Dir. Anatole Litvak, WB, 78 mins, ps

11:30P Torrid Zone] (1940) Ann Sheridan, Dir. William Keighley, WB, 88 mins. ps

1:00 A They Made Me a Criminal (1939) Ann Sheridan, Dir. Busby Berkeley, WB, 92 mins, ps

2:45 A Honeymoon For Three Ann Sheridan, Dir. Lloyd Bacon (1936) 63 mins, ps

4:00 A The Man Who Came to DinnerAnn Sheridan, Dir. William Keighley, WB, 112 mins, ps


FRIDAY, December 10th


Beautiful Foxes From Fox

6:00 A Dragonwyck (1946) Gene Tierney, Dir. Joseph Mankiewicz, Fox, 103 mins, ps

7:45 A Leave Her to Heaven (1946) Gene Tierney, Dir. John Stahl, Fox 110 mins, ps

9:45 A The Left Hand of God (1955) Gene Tierney, Dir. Edward Dmytryk, Fox, 97 mins, ps

11:30 A The Mark of Zorro , (1940) Linda Darnell, Dir. Rouben Mamoulian, Fox, 93 mins, ps

1:15 P Hangover Square (1945) Linda Darnell, Dir. John Brahm, Fox, 78 mins, ps

2:30 P My Darling Clementine (1946) Linda Darnell, Dir. John Ford, Fox, 103 mins, ps

4:15 P Blood and Sand (1941) Tyrone Power, Dir. Rouben Mamoulian, Fox, 124 mins, ps

6:30 P The Black Swan (1942) Tyrone Power, Dir. Henry King, Fox, 85 mins. ps



Muster In: Victor McLaglen

8:00 P The Lost Patrol (1934) Victor McLaglen, Dir. John Ford, RKO, 73 mins, ps

9:15 P Professional Soldier (1936) Victor McLaglen, Dir Tay Garnett, Fox ,78 mins, ps

10:45 P Gunga Din (1939) Victor McLaglen, Dir. George Stevens, RKO, 117 mins, ps

12:45 A Call Out the Marines (1942) Victor McLaglen, Dir. Frank Ryan, RKO, 66 mins, ps



2:00 A Island of Lost Souls (1932) Charles Laughton, Dir. Erle C. Kenton, Par, 70 mins, ps

3:15 A Dead of Night (1945)Michael Redgrave, Dir. Alberto Cavalacanti, Ealing, 103 mins, ps


5:00 A Thrillers (2009) TCM Original Production, 55 mins, ps


SATURDAY, December 11th


Breakfast Serial: Jungle Menace Premiere #7

6:00 A River Pirates (1937) Frank Buck, Sasha Siemel, Dir. George Melford, Col, 20 mins

6:30 A Deadly Enemies (1937) Frank Buck, Sasha Siemel, Dir. George Melford, Col, 20 mins

7:00 A Flames of Hate (1937) Frank Buck, Sasha Siemel, Dir. George Melford, Col, 20 mins

7:30 A One-Way Ride (1937) Frank Buck, Sasha Siemel, Dir. George Melford, Col, 20 mins

8:00 A Man of Mystery (1937) Frank Buck, Sasha Siemel, Dir. George Melford, Col, 20 mins

8:30 A Shanghaied (1937) Frank Buck, Sasha Siemel, Dir. George Melford, Col, 20 mins

9:00 A Tiger Eyes (1937) Frank Buck, Sasha Siemel, Dir. George Melford, Col, 20 mins

9:30 A The Frame-Up (1937) Frank Buck, Sasha Siemel, Dir. George Melford, Col, 20 mins

10:00A The Cave of Mystery (1937) Frank Buck, Sasha Siemel, Dir. George Melford, Col, 20 mins


Cowboy Up!

10:30A Stagecoach (1939) John Wayne, Dir. John Ford, UA, 96 mins, ps

12:15P Along Came Jones (1945) Gary Cooper, Dir. Stuart Heisler, RKO, 90 mins, ps

1:45 P Blood On the Moon (1948) Robert Mitchum, Dir. Robert Wise, RKO, 88 mins, ps

3:15 P In Old Arizona (1929) Warner Baxter, Dir. Raoul Walsh, Fox, 97 mins, ps

5:00 P Annie Oakley (1935) Barbara Stanwyck, Dir. George Stevens, 90 mins, ps


7::00 P Cowboy Up: Riding the Iverson Movie Ranch (2010) TCM Original Documentary, 60 mins (Introduction by Robert O and Alec Baldwin)

8:15 P Tell It To the Marines (1927) Lon Chaney, Dir. George Hill, MGM, 103 mins, ps

The Essentials


DIY: Do It Yourself

10:15P How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (1965) Annette Funicello, Dir. William Asher, AIP, 93 mins, ps

12:00A How to Murder Your Wife (1965) Jack Lemmon, Dir. Richard Quine, Uni, 118 mins, ps

2:00 A How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (1967) Robert Morse, Dir. David Swift, UA, 119 mins, ps

4:00 A How to Marry a Millionaire (1953) Marilyn Monroe, Dir. Jean Negulesco, Fox, 96 mins, ps


Notes on a Schedule:


This one was made a tad tougher by Cinemaven?s rule of no films after 1969. I am a lover of film, all film, from all decades. But even disregarding that, it made the Challenge tougher. I hope I measure up.


The week chosen is December 5th, 2010 (a little over a year from now).


Sunday is Obama Movie Mania, Cinemaven?s required 24 hour film festival for all branches of the government. Since those government officials may still be like me and have all 12 hours of Ken Burn?s recent documentary sitting unwatched on their Tivos, here is a chance for them to see our wonderful National Parks. Here they can enjoy the classic beauty of our parks through the decades of film.


My pick for Silent Sunday Nights is the classic A Modern Musketeer starring the great Doug Fairbanks, Sr. Y?all know how I feel about Doug. Here he jumps around the cliffs of Canyon de Chelly and the ledges of the Grand Canyon. If that doesn?t make their jaws drop, they need to get out of D.C. pronto and go explore our National Parks.


We finish up Obama Movie Mania, with two films for TCM Imports, how better to soften up International Affairs than with two films by Fellini?


Monday kicks off with a salute to that wonderful actress, Maria Ouspenskaya. ?Were you ever bitten by a wolf?? No, but we have been entranced with your talent for years. A much deserved showcase for an actress that many of us refer to as Mother Molo.


Baghdad by the Bay has been the location of many great classic films. Monday evening spotlights some of the Film Noirs of Fog City, one of the many monikers for the beautiful city of San Francisco.


Tuesday is a salute to Commercial Appeal, films starring actors who later went on to be the face of products sold on tv. These are faces and products we, of a certain generation, remember.


Tuesday evening to celebrate the 69th anniversary of America?s entry into World War II, I selected a group of films that focus on how women dealt with the war. From the home front to the front lines to the prison camps, Women and War reminds us that war is not just about men and their sacrifices.


Wednesday is look at City Confidential, those hard-biting expose stories that every major and minor city seems to have, at least according to Hollywood.


Think it?s just the cities that have expose stories? Not according to Hollywood. Even streets can tell stories of love, crime and panic, all the better if shrouded in mystery, fog and shadows. Like those kind of films? Set your GPS now! is for you.


Wednesday finishes up with Bootless John Wayne, a set of non-western John Wayne films.


Thursday introduces us to Sons of famous movie characters. From strong heroes like Sinbad and Captain Blood to milquetoast heroes like Paleface to scientific heroes, all of them have offspring. The question is, do the sons match up? You decide with this daytime offering of programming.


Thursday evening TCM throws its spotlight on that tough-talking, heart-of-gold Texan that some know as the ?Oomph Girl? and the majority of us know as Ann Sheridan. Each Thursday evening throughout the month, TCM will focus on Ms. Sheridan. The films this evening show both her dramatic skills and her flair for comedy. John Garfield, James Cagney , Monty Wooley, Bette Davis and a host of others all co-star this evening with our red rose of Texas.


Friday, the brunettes strike back with a series of films from Fox Studios featuring three of the most beautiful faces to ever grace the silver screen, Gene Tierney, Linda Darnell and for the ladies, Tyrone Power.


Friday night we celebrate the wonderful, lusty Victor McLaglen?s birthday with a series of films under the title Muster In. These films, all military films, allow you to live vicariously without having to suffer the heat, the sand, the hang-overs and the brawling. Downside, you don?t get to be *that* close to Cary Grant.


TCM Underground goes classic with two classic horror films just made for late, late night viewing.


Get up bright and early though, put the coffee on and pour your cereal quickly because you are about to embark on a big jungle adventure serial with the one and only Frank ?Bring ?em Back Alive? Buck. Saturday morning?s Breakfast Serials on TCM. Just what the kid in all of us hopes for.


Saturday afternoon is the kick-off of a salute to the famed Iverson Movie Ranch, once located in the San Fernando Valley. From silent films to classic westerns and war films, from serials to cult favorites, from c-grade sci-fi films to classic television shows, some of our most beloved movies have scenes shot at the Iverson.


Leading into that evening?s The Essentials is a TCM Original Documentary, Cowboy Up: Riding the Iverson Movie Ranch introduced by Robert Osborn and Alec Baldwin. This documentary includes interviews with actors, directors and crew members who worked at the Iverson as well as classic film clips. So, Cowboy Up! You won?t be disappointed.


The Essentials spotlights a war film, Tell It To the Marines starring Lon Chaney that was shot at the Iverson in 1927.


Saturday late night concludes with lessons in Do It Yourself. The DIY Channel can teach you how to re-grout your bathroom, fix your garbage disposal, tinker around the house. DIY, TCM ?style, you can learn to stuff a wild bikini, murder your wife, succeed in business or marry a millionaire (and never have to re-grout your bathroom again!)


A little something for everyone! At least I hope.


*An additional note, unlike the last few challenges where I have not had a schedule eligible for voting, on this Challenge, my schedule will be in the running.*


Edited by: lzcutter on Oct 30, 2009 5:32 PM


Edited by: lzcutter on Oct 31, 2009 1:16 PM

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Congrats on your schedule! You have a lot of great movies in there that will please many TCM fans. It is neat we have both included the Warner at War special in our schedules, and your Essentials pick is great. No one would think of Tell it to the Marines, but it makes so much sense!

Good Luck!

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LZCUTTER....thank you for your participation in the TCM 14th Programming Challenge. Your schedule has a plenty of "oomph" in it.


For your programming day in the White House, I see you're reminding our elected officials of environmental issues. After all, earth is the only planet they live on. And what Lady Senator (or Nancy Pelosi) would not want to spend time with Jimmy, Victor, Gary, or Gable while looking at some of the greatest vistas in North America.


"Maria...I just met a girl named Maria." You spotlight one of Hollywood's great character actors. I smiled when I saw her stand behind Mother Gin Sling in "The Shanghai Gesture" And she did look downright cute in "King's Row" too.


Amazing...the Duke, without a horse in sight. And a "Son of..." who's really a son of. You touch base on the distaff side of the effects of war and that there ARE cities in between L.A. and New York. (As a big-city East Coast girl, I need to be reminded).


The "How To" list is clever, and what would a schedule from a gal of the West be without some good ol' fashion classic westerns?


Thank you lzcutter for choosing to participate in the 14th PROGRAMMING CHALLENGE!!!

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A Look at the issues facing the Obama Administration


Mark Sanford goes missing

0600 *The Temptress* (1926, MGM, 106 min)

Beware of "public health" people wanting you to do things for your own good!

0800 *The Twonky* (1953, 73 min, p/s)

Henry Louis Gates doesn't want to push a cop over the edge

0915 *Detective Story* (1951, UA, 103 min)

"Tea Party" movement

1100 *Alice In Wonderland* (1933, Paramount, 76 minutes, PREMIERE #1)

Cash for Clunkers

1230 *The Love Bug* (1968, Disney, 108 min)

First-time home buyer credit

1430 *Please Don't Eat the Daisies* (1960, 111 min p/s)

Health-care reform

1630 *The Caretakers* (1963, 98 min, p/s)

Tim Geithner's IRS Problems

1815 *The Mating Game* (1959, p/s, 99 min)

Global Warming

2000 *Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea* (1961, Fox, 105 min) (PREMIERE #2)

Shortage of H1N1 vaccine

2200 *The Killer that Stalked New York* (1950, Columbia, 76 min)

The budget of this administration -- or any previous one

2330 *Brewster's Millions* (1945, UA, 79 min, p/s)

National Youth Service program

0100 *Sparrows* (1926, UA, 84 min, p/s)

Najibullah Zazi arrested on terrorism charges

0230 *Zazie dans le m?tro* (1960, 89 min, p/s)

Short: Paris on Parade (1938, MGM, 9 min)

Iran wants the bomb!

0415 *Panic in Year Zero!* (1962, American International, 93 min, p/s)




"I See Debt People!"


0600 *Mildred Pierce* (1945, WB, 111 min)

0800 *The Mating Season* (1951, Paramount, 101 min, p/s)

0945 *We're Rich Again* (1934, RKO, 71 min)

Short: The Grand Bounce (1937, MGM, 11 min)


"I See Fled People!"


1115 *Les Mis?rables* (1935, Fox, 108 min, p/s)

1315 *Key Largo* (1948, WB, 100 min)

1500 *The Get-Away* (1941, p/s, 89 min)

1630 *I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang* (1932, WB, 93 min)

1815 *The Defiant Ones* (1958, UA, 97 min, p/s)


TCM is going to hell!


2000 *To Hell and Back* (1955, Universal, 105 min, p/s)

2200 *The Mayor of Hell* (1933, WB, 90 min)

2345 *Hell is for Heroes* (1962, 90 min, p/s)

0130 *Hell Below Zero* (1954, 94 min, p/s)

0315 *Hellcats of the Navy* (1957, 82 min, p/s)

0445 *Hell's Highway* (1932, RKO, 62 min)




"I See Wed People!"


0600 *The Wedding Night* (1935, 83 min, p/s)

0730 *Father of the Bride* (1950, MGM, 93 min)

0915 *Member of the Wedding* (1952, Columbia, 93 min)

1100 *The Catered Affair* (1956, 94 min, p/s)

1245 *The Purchase Price* (1932, 68 min p/s)


"I See Fed People!"


1400 *Dinner at Eight* (1933, MGM, 111 min)

1600 *Guess Who's Coming to Dinner* (1967, 108 min, p/s)

1800 *The Man Who Came to Dinner* (1942, WB, 113 min)


Glenn or Glenda?


2000 *Johnny Eager* (1942, MGM, 107 min)

2200 *Jubal* (1956, Columbia, 100 min)

2345 *Mystery of the Wax Museum* (1933, WB, 77 min)

0115 *Gilda* (1946, Columbia, 110 min)

0315 *Girl Missing* (1933, WB, 69 min)

0430 *Plunder of the Sun* (1953, 81 min, p/s)




"I See Red People!"


0600 *The Woman on Pier* 13 (1949, RKO, 73 min)

0715 *Mission to Moscow* (1943, WB, 123 min)

0930 *Trial* (1955, MGM, 109 min)

1130 *Man on a Tightrope* (1953, Fox, 105 min) (PREMIERE #3)

Short: This is America, No. 3: Berlin Powderkeg (1948, RKO, 19 min)


"I See Sled People!"


1345 *Citizen Kane* (1941, RKO, 120 min)

Short: Snowman's Land (1939, WB, 7 min)

1600 *Petticoat Fever* (1936, MGM, 80 min)

1730 *Snowed Under* (1936, WB, 64 min)

1845 *Back to God's Country* (1919, 73 min, p/s)


Presidents on film


2000 *Sunrise at Campobello* (1960, WB, 144 min, PREMIERE #4)

2230 *The Howards of Virginia* (1940, Columbia, 116 min)

0030 *Tennessee Johnson* (1942, MGM, 103 min)

0215 *Of Human Hearts* (1938, MGM, 103 min)

0400 *Arsenic and Old Lace* (1944, 118 min, p/s)




"I See Head People!"


0600 *Salome* (1953, Columbia, 103 min)

0745 *Strait-Jacket* (1963, Columbia, 93 min)

0930 *Night Must Fall* (1937, MGM, 116 min)

1130 *The Brain that Wouldn't Die* (1962, 70 min, p/s)

1245 *A Man For All Seasons* (1966, Columbia, 120 min)

Short: The Two Mouseketeers (1951, MGM, 8 min)


"I See Bled People!"


1500 *Night Nurse* (1931, WB, 72 min)

1615 *From Here to Eternity* (1953, Columbia, 118 min)

1815 *Mr. Sardonicus* (1961, Columbia, 90 min)

Short: The Big Shave (1967, 6 min, p/s)


TCM Star of the Month Charles Boyer


2000 *Conquest* (1937, MGM, 113 min)

2200 *Algiers* (1938, 96 min, p/s)

2345 *Hold Back the Dawn* (1941, Paramount, 116 min)

0145 *All This, and Heaven, Too* (1940, WB, 141 min)

0415 *Tovarich* (1937, WB, 97 min)




"I See Bed People!"


0600 *Sorry, Wrong Number* (1948, Paramount, 89 min)

0730 *How Green Was My Valley* (1941, Fox, 118 min, p/s)

0930 *Life Begins* (1932, WB, 71 min)

1045 *Our Mother's House* (1967, MGM, 104 min)


"I See Co-Ed People!"


1230 *So This Is College* (1929, MGM, 98 min)

1415 *Secrets of a Co-Ed* (1942, PRC, 67 min, PREMIERE #5)

1530 *Sweetheart of the Campus* (1941, Columbia, 70 min)

1645 *Dancing Co-Ed* (1939, MGM, 84 min)

1815 *Girl Crazy* (1943, MGM, 99 min)



Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 5


2000 *Lady for a Day* (1933, Columbia, 97 min)

2145 *One Hundred Men and a Girl* (1937, Universal, 84 min, p/s)

Short: A Way in the Wilderness (1940, MGM, 11 min)

2330 *Strange Interlude* (1932, MGM, 109 min)

0130 *Break of Hearts* (1935, RKO, 78 min)


TCM Underground


0300 *Twist Around the Clock* (1961, 86 min, p/s)

0430 *It's Trad, Dad!* (1962, 78 min, p/s)




US Cabinet


0600 *Miss Grant Takes Richmond* (1949, p/s, 88 min) (Department of Housing and Urban Development)

0730 *Million Dollar Baby* (1941, WB, 101 min) (Department of Treasury)

0915 *The Shop Around the Corner* (1940, MGM, 99 min) (Department of Commerce)

1100 *As The Earth Turns* (1934, 73 min, p/s) (Department of Agriculture)

1215 *Saboteur* (1942, Universal, 112 min, p/s) (Department of Homeland Security)

1400 *Boeing, Boeing* (1965, 103 min, p/s) (Department of Transportation)

1600 *The Far Horizons* (1955, Paramount, 108 min, p/s) (Department of the Interior)

1800 *Manpower* (1941, WB, 103 min) (Department of Energy)

Short: Teenagers on Trial

2000 *High School Confidential!* (1958, MGM, 85 min) (Department of Education)

2130 *I'm All Right Jack* (1960, 105 min, p/s) (Department of Labor)

2330 *Fantastic Voyage* (1966, Fox, 100 min) (PREMIERE #6) (Health and Human Services)

0115 *The Blue Dahlia* (1946, 99 min, p/s) (Department of Veterans' Affairs)

0300 *Thirteen Frightened Girls* (1963, Columbia, 88 min) (State Department)

0430 *Buck Privates* (1941, Universal, 84 min, p/s) (Department of Defense)





Most of this schedule is self explanatory. I came up with two possibilities for days that the politicians could sit down and watch a day's worth of movies. On Sunday, there is a day's worth of movies rather cynically looking at some of the issues facing our elected officials, while on Saturday, I honor several of the Cabinet departments with movies that at least obliquely pertain to them. I would have put the two days together, but the rules require starting the


April 10 marks the 22nd birthday of Haley Joel Osment, whom I suppose you could consider the demon spawn you might get if you crossed Hayley Mills with Donny Osmond. (Or, maybe not.) His most famous line comes from the 1999 movie *The Sixth Sense* in which he says to Bruce Willis, "I see debt people!" Or something like that. Apparently, as you can see throughout the week, it took a lot of takes to get the line right....


For inflicting a week's worth of bad puns on you, I'm probably going to hell. IF so, I might as well take TCM with me, as I've done on Monday night. Tuesday night is a salute to one of the great cult movies, *Glen or Glenda*, which is marked by pitting one of Hollywood's most famous Glen(n)s against one of its most famous Glendas. You can decide for yourselves which one is better. Wednesday night continues the politics theme by showing four movies with portrayals of real presidents (in order, Franklin Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Johnson, and Abraham Lincoln), followed by a more whimsical look at Theodore Roosevelt. Thursday night sees Charles Boyer as TCM's Star of the Month. I don't think he's ever gotten that honor before. Friday night is given to music. Several movies have used music from Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony as part of the score. John Nesbitt used it as the opening theme to his "Passing Parade" shorts, too, so I included one of those as it made the timing work out much better. The two "Underground" movies aren't very underground, I'll admit, although they are warped looks at the music industry.


The TCM Silent Sunday Nights movie is Mary Pickford's *Sparrows*, and the import is Louis Malle's *Zazie dans le m?tro*. Zazie is a little girl who is sent to Paris to visit her uncle, and wants to do nothing more during her time in Paris than to ride the metro. Unfortunately, it's on strike. So she responds by becoming a holy terror, making life miserable for everybody around her, but humorous for the viewers. The TCM Essential is *High School Confidential!* It's a movie that probably bears no resemblance to the way high school was for anybody, but it's unintentionally funny.


The premieres are: the 1933 Paramount version of *Alice in Wonderland*;

*Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea*;

Elia Kazan's *Man on a Tightrope*;

Ralph Bellamy typecasting himself as FDR in *Sunrise at Campobello*;

The "Poverty Row" movie *Secrets of a Co-Ed*; and

scantily-clad Raquel Welch in *Fantastic Voyage*


Edited by: Fedya on Oct 31, 2009 1:51 PM, to correct some spelling errors

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Fedya, lzcutter, love both your schedules. I see people holding their heads trying to decide which of your concepts is more ingenious! Countess, we want to see your week, too.


A double feature of La Strada and I Vitelloni would be almost more cinematic bliss than I could handle.

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*WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 5-11, 2011*






6:00am: *Love* (1927, MGM) ? Greta Garbo, John Gilbert

7:30am: *A Woman of Affairs* (1928, MGM) ? Greta Garbo, John Gilbert

9:15am: *Flesh and the Devil* (1926, MGM) ? Greta Garbo, John Gilbert




11:15pm: *Faust* (1926, UFA) ? Gosta Ekmen, Emil Jannings - PREMIERE

1:15pm: *The Devil and Daniel Webster* (1941, RKO) ? Edward Arnold, Walter Huston

3:00pm: *Bedazzled* (1967, Stanley Donen Films) ? Dudley Moore, Peter Cook, Raquel Welch




4:45pm: *One Million Years B.C* (1966, British Pathe) ? Raquel Welch

6:15pm: *The Biggest Bundle of Them All* (1968, MGM) ? Raquel Welch, Viittorio De Sica




8:00pm: *Romeo and Juliet* (1936, MGM) ? Norma Shearer, Leslie Howard

10:15pm: *The Tragedy of Othello: The Moor of Venice* (1952, Mercury Productions) ? Orson Welles, Suzanne Cloutier




12:00am: *Hamlet* (1920, Art-Film GmbH) ? Asta Nielsen




2:15am: *Gamlet* (1964, Lenfilm) ? Innokenti Smoktunovsky

4:30am: *As You Like It* (1936, Inter-Allied) ? Laurence Olivier, Elisabeth Bergner







6:00am: *The Cheat* (1915, Paramount) ? Sessue Hayakawa, Fannie Ward

7:15am: *The Dragon Painter* (1919, Haworth Picture Corp.) ? Sessue Hayakawa

8:15am: *The Tong Man* (1919, Haworth Picture Corp.) ? Sessue Hayakawa

9:15am: *Three Came Home* (1950, 20th Century FOX) ? Claudette Colbert, Sessue Hayakawa




11:00am: *Branded to Kill* (1967, Nikkatsu) ? Jo Shishido - PREMIERE

12:45pm: *Tokyo Drifter* (1966, Nikkatsu) ? Tetsuya Watari

1:45pm: *Drunken Angel* (1948, Toho Company) ? Toshiro Mifune, Takashi Shimura ? PREMIERE

3:30pm: *High and Low* (1963, Kurosawa Production company) ? Toshiro Mifune ? PREMIERE

6:00pm: *You Only Live Twice* (1967, Eon Productions) ? Sean Connery




8:00pm: *Guys and Dolls* (1955, Sam Goldwyn Co.) ? Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra

10:45pm: *There?s No Business Like Show Business* (1954, 20th Century FOX) ? Ethel Merman, Marilyn Monroe

12:45am: *West Side Story* (1961, U/A) ? Natalie Wood, Richard Beymer

3:15am: *The Music Man* (1962, Warner Bros.) ? Robert Preston, Shirley Jones







6:00am: *Vanity Fair* (1932, Allied Pictures) ? Myrna Loy, Conway Tearle

7:15am: *Becky Sharp* (1935, Pioneer Pictures) ? Miriam Hopkins, Cedric Hardwicke


8:45am: *Sadie Thompson* (1928, U/A) ? Gloria Swanson, Lionel Barrymore ? PREMIERE (this is CRIMINAL!)

10:30am: *Rain* (1932, MGM) ? Joan Crawford, Walter Huston


12:00pm: *Imitation of Life* (1934, Universal) ? Claudette Colbert, Warren William

2:00pm: *Imitation of Life* (1959, Universal) ? Lana Turner, Susan Kohner


4:15pm: *Oliver Twist* (1948, Cineguild) ? Alec Guiness, John Howard Davies

6:15pm: *Oliver Twist* (1922, First National Pictures) ? Lon Chaney, Jackie Coogan





8:00pm: *Captured on Film: The True Story of Marion Davies* (2001, TCM Original Programming)

9:00pm: *The Red Mill* (1927, Cosmopolitan Productions) ? Marion Davies, Owen Moore

10:30pm: -SHORT- *Pirate Party on Catalina Isle* (1935, MGM)

11:00pm: *The Patsy* (1928, Cosmopolitan Productions) ? Marion Davies, Marie Dressler

12:30am: *Marianne* (1929, Cosmopolitan Productions) ? Marion Davies

2:30am: *Operator 13* (1934, Cosmopolitan Productions) ? Marion Davies, Gary Cooper

4:15am: *Page Miss Glory* (1935, Cosmopolitan Productions) ? Marion Davies, Pat O?Brien







6:00am: *The Wrong Box* (1966, Columbia) ? Michael Caine

8:00am: *The World of Henry Orient* (1964, Pan Arts) ? Peter Sellers, Angela Lansbury

9:45am: *The Pink Panther* (1963, U/A) ? Peter Sellers, David Niven

11:45am: *The Ladykillers* (1955, Ealing Studios) ? Alec Guiness, Peter Sellers




1:15pm: *Rear Window* (1954, Paramount) ? James Stewart, Grace Kelly

3:15pm: *Blow Up* (1966, Bridge Films) ? David Hemmings, Vanessa Redgrave

5:15pm: *Peeping Tom* (1960, Michael Powell) ? Carl Boehm, Moira Shearer

7:15pm: -SHORT- *Return to the Edge of the World* (1978, BBC) ? Michael Powell, John Laurie




8:00pm: *The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex* (1939, Warner Bros) ? Bette Davies, Errol Flynn

10:00pm: *Mary of Scotland* (1936, RKO) ? Katherine Hepburn, Fredric March

12:15am: *Cleopatra* (1934, Paramount) ? Claudette Colbert, Warren William

2:00am: *The Scarlet Empress* (1934, Paramount) ? Marlene Dietrich, Sam Jaffe

3:45am: *Queen Kelly* (1929, Gloria Swanson Pictures) ? Gloria Swanson, Walter Byron

5:30am: -SHORT- *Long Fliv the King* (1926, Hal Roach Studios) ? Charley Chase, Martha Sleeper








6:00am: *Born Yesterday* (1950, Columbia) ? Judy Holliday, William Holden

7:45am: *The Best Man* (1964, U/A) ? Henry Fonda, Cliff Robertson




9:30am: *Ningen no joken/ The Human Condition Pt. 1* (1959, Ninjin Club) - PREMIERE

1:00pm: *Ningen no joken/ The Road to Eternity Pt. 2* (1959, Ninjin Club) - PREMIERE

4:00pm: *Ningen no joken/ A Soldier?s Pray* (1959, Ninjin Club) ? PREMIERE




8:00pm: *Judgment at Nuremberg* (1961, U/A) ? Spencer Tracy, Marlene Dietrich

11:15pm: *Burmese Harp* (1956, Nikkatsu) ? Shoji Yasui, Rentaro Mikuni

1:15am: *The Grapes of Wrath* (1940, 20th Century FOX) ? Henry Fonda, Jane Darwell

3:15am: *The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp* (1943, The Archers) ? Deborah Kerr, Roger Livesey






6:00am: *Scarlet Street* (1945, Fritz Lang Productions) ? Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett

7:45am: *Rembrandt* (1936, London Film Production) ? Charles Laughton, Elsa Lanchester

9:15am: *Moulin Rouge* (1952, Romulus Films) ? Jose Ferrer, Zsa Zsa Gabor

11:15am: *The Horses Mouth* (1958, Knightsbridge Films) ? Alec Guiness, Kay Walsh

12:45pm: *Age of Consent* (1969, Nautilus Productions) ? James Mason, Helen Mirren

2:30pm:*The Portrait of Jennie* (1948, Vanguard Films) ? Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotton

4:00pm: *The Picture of Dorian Gray* (1945, MGM) ? Hurd Hatfeild, George Sanders

6:00pm: *Michael* (1924, UFA) ? Benjamin Christensen, Walter Slezak




8:00pm: *My Sister Eileen* (1955, Columbia) ? Janet Leigh, Jack Lemmon

9:45pm: *Damn Yankees* (1958, Warner Bros.) ? Gwen Verdon, Tab Hunter

11:45pm: *Sweet Charity* (1969, Universal) ? Shirley MacLaine, John McMartin




2:15am: *Berserk* (1967, Herman Cohen Productions) ? Joan Crawford, Ty Hardin

3:00am: *Straitjacket* (1964, Willaim Castle Productions) ? Joan Crawford






6:00am: *Man of The Moment* (1935, Warner Brothers) ? Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Laura La Plante

7:30am: *The Red Shoes* (1948, The Archers) Moira Shearer, Anton Walbrook

9:45am: *The Barefoot Contessa* (1954, Figaro) ? Ava Gardner, Humphrey Bogart




11:45pm: *A Very Private Affair* (1962, CCM) ? Brigitte Bardot, Marcello Mastroianni

1:30pm: *Contempt* (1963, Le Film Concordia) ? Brigitte Bardot, Michel Piccoli

3:15pm: *The Goddess* (1958, Columbia) ? Kim Stanley, Lloyd Bridges

5:00pm: *The Star* (1952, 20th Century FOX) ? Bette Davis, Sterling Hayden

6:30pm: *What Price Hollywood* (1932, RKO) Constance Bennett, Lowell Sherman




8:00pm: *Greed* (1924, MGM) ? Jean Hersholt, Zasu Pitts




12:00pm: *The Mask of Fu Manchu* (1932, Cosmopolitan Productions) ? Myrna Loy, Boris Karloff

1:15am: *Dinner at Eight* (1933, MGM) ? Jean Harlow, John Barrymore

3:15am: *Grand Hotel* (1932, MGM) ? Greta Garbo, John Barrymore

5:15am: -SHORT- *1925 MGM Studio Tour*

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