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Betty White has died


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I just herd the sad news about Betty White’s passing away.  Big bummer.  Will there be a memorial tribute to her here on TCM?  I know they’ve actually haven’t planned it yet.  Just asking and maybe there will be a 100th Birthday tribute to her here on TCM next week too.  She will surely be missed.  We will all really miss her so much.  Betty.  We’ll all really miss you so much and we all really love you so much.

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A rare bird and she will be missed by many.    I know I'm one of them.     The good thing is that she was in so many different sitcoms,  playing all sorts of memorable characters and there is also her game-show appearances.     Thus she leaves a legacy that can be enjoyed by future generations. 

Rest well dear lady.

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I'm still staying at my brother's place until tomorrow. HIs daughters returned to their post-college lives the last 48 hours or so. One of them just called my brother about 20 minutes ago while we were having lunch with the sad news. Funny: my nieces paint a perfect picture of my perception that the modern generation is more intently focused on the "here and now" than any previous generation. I'm reasonably sure my niece couldn't name the members of One Direction because they're "soooooooo olllllllddddddd!!!!!!!!", a phrase I've heard both my nieces use thousands of times about any celebrity who came to fame more than three weeks ago.  But somehow she knew about Betty White - I'm guessing she probably watches Golden Girls reruns. No way in hell she's ever even heard of The Mary Tyler Moore Show - and seemed genuinely upset. So, I can say from personal experience her loss touches multiple genenrations. RIP.

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