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Did anyone tune in to watch that political nonsense last night ?

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37 minutes ago, Dargo said:


Oh, NOW I see what you were gettin' at here!

Alright already! I'll go back to that original post of mine in this thing and edit in the correct word of "watch" in that line of mine.

(...happy NOW?!) ;)


Well, my happiness is really not the point. But, thank you for asking.

I just hate seeing you give "ammunition" to folks who might pounce on the slightest opportunity to lay upon you The Royal Smackdown.

No, don't thank me. It's just a service . . .  a mitzvah that I somehow feel consecrated to perform as I go about spreading joy and giving constructive criticism (some might call it manure) to everyone I meet.

Shalom. Namaste. 'N y'all come back now, ya hear!

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On 1/12/2022 at 7:09 PM, Technicolor33 said:

The George Wallace movie and the other movie about that black panther guy.

Enough with these kinds of movies TCM. If I wanted politics I’d watch the news. I come to TCM to get away from politics. 

This leftist politics stuff is what’s making me (and others) turn away from this channel. Enough with it already.

I think both sides will agree that TCM has shown they're on board with the "woke" movement, and it's enough for me to not tune in when they've announced a given theme coming up. It's not incessant, so I can deal with it for everything else they provide me. Besides, from what I see, it's permeated just about all channels, so ...... 

That said, you complain that you want TCM to stay away from politics, because you want to also, but then you threw a comment about "leftist politics" at the end of your post, inviting everyone whose views are on the left to come back at you to start a POLITICAL DEBATE.

I agree with you about watching TCM to get away from all that. In fact, I started habitually watching old TV show reruns, and TCM for old movies in 2020 when it got to be a frustrating overload. I USED TO watch sports for that same escape, but we all know what happened there. The point is, it is what it is now. There's no fully getting away from it, even if it's in the commercials, so I'm afraid you're just going to have to over it.

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